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Bad debts
Bad debt is basically the case where borrower fails to repay the money back to the creditor on the agreed terms. Bad debt also can be the one in which cost of debt recovery is more than the repayment amount.
Balance of payment
Balance of Payments is the summarization of a country's transaction with rest of the world. It can be terms of goods, services & Income. Balance of payments is also known as balance of International Payments
Balanced funds
Balanced funds are basically a type of Mutual Funds that combines a component of stocks as well as a component of the Money Market. The proportion of majority or equal in some cases varies from fund to fund.
Balanced scheme
Balanced funds are also known as Balanced Schemes
Bank Rate
Bank Rate is the interest rate that a central bank of a country charges to the commercial bank for lending loans and advances. Bank Rate is also known as discount rate in American English and the name varies from country to country
Base metals
Base metals are those metals which are available in abundance and thus are cheaper than the precious metals. Base metals include metals like Aluminum, Copper, Tin , Zinc & Lead.
Bearer stocks
Bearer stocks are the physical shares and thus provide ownership to the person having physical certificate. The issuing firm neither registers the owner of the stock nor transfers the ownership of the same. Company issues the dividends to the person who presents the physical coupon of the same.
Bearish view
Bearish view for a particular security signifies that there shall be a downwards movement in its prices and the investor seeks to get profit from the price differential opportunity in the time frame.
Beta is generally used to determine the volatility of the investment. Beta greater than one indicates that the investment is more volatile than the markets whereas vice versa also holds true
Bid - Ask spread
Bid ask spread is the price differential between the bid and ask price of a security. It is essentially how much a buyer is willing to pay and at how much seller is willing to sell
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