Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "G"

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Gamma is a financial strategy in which rate of change in an option's delta per 1-point move is calculated while determining the prices of underlying assets. These are with respect to financial commodities like derivatives, options, shares, securities or index values.
Gamma Hedging
Gamma is quite an invincible product when it comes to hedging investment values. A reduced gamma range is what helps investment commodities maintain their optimal hedge over a wider price range. Hence gamma hedging is the technique used by investment traders and brokers to help investors earn enhanced returns over their investment.
Gap analysis
Gap analysis is nothing but a precise comparison between the actual performance with the envisaged level of performance or potential. This helps the entity perform at a level that is expected out of the unit so as to achieve enhanced productivity and profitability levels.
Gap insurance
Gap insurance is clearly defined as an auto insurance policy, owners take to protect themselves from the losses that arise when the amount of compensation on a collision damage does not fully cover the vehicles' overdue on lease payments or financing arrangement.
Garbage fees
These include unnecessary forms of documentation fees that are added to a mortgage's closing account to increase the lender's profit, while closing the aforesaid account. Garbage fees take names like administrative fees, loan appraisal fees, application fee, document's reviewing fees and so on.
GBP is the abbreviated form of Great British Pounds. GBP is the widely accepted currency across the United Kingdom or UK.
GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product. It is the sum total in terms of monetary value of the total volume of finished goods and services produced throughout the nation as calculated quarterly or yearly.
GDP price deflator
GDP price deflator implicitly means price deflator itself. It relates to the total monetary value of newly produced final goods and services circulated within the economy.
General business tax credit
General Business Tax Credit or GBTC is clearly defined as the actual value of the amount of credits applied against a defined source of income while calculating tax returns. GBT can usually be carried forward for number of years but can also be carried back in certain exceptional scenarios.
General insurance
General insurance is an insurance product aimed at safeguarding or providing protection against unforeseen losses arising from damage of property and pays up for the loss of an asset. General insurance premiums are required to be shelled out monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or as an annual term fees.
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