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The difference between an asset's market value used as loan and the total amount of loan is known as haircut. The haircut amount shows the perceived risk of loss of the vendor when the asset falls in value.
Half stock
A stock when gets sold at a half value of its standard price is called as Half Stock. This can be common or even preferred and is similar to a regular share of stock.
Halloween Strategy
An investment strategy where the investor sells his stocks before the 1st of May and does not reinvest in the stock market till the 31 of October to increase the capital gains is known as Halloween Strategy.
Hard money loan
The hard money loan is a kind of loan that is asset based where the borrower receives the funds by securing a real property. Such loans are mostly issued by private companies and investors.
Harmless warrents
Harmless warrents are the bond provisions which allow the bond holders to relinquish the bond to the issuer based on the condition that the borrower purchases another bond from the same firm and with same features.
Haurlan Index
Haurlan Index is an indicator used in technical analysis which is developed by P N Haurlan and is used for the detection of market breadth.
Hawala is a traditional system used to transfer money in Arab and South Asian countries where the money is first paid to agents who in turn instruct an associate from relevant country to pay the end recipient.
Head and shoulders
Head and Shoulders is a pattern used on technical analysis chart. This pattern is formed when there is a market trend in process which occurs due to the reversal of a bullish or a bearish trend. A patterned shape takes place in such situation and this is recognized as reversal formation.
Head-Fake Trade
This is a kind of trade where the stock market or a specific stock appears to be moving in one direction, but suddenly reverses its course and moves the opposite way.
Headline Risk
Headline risk is the risk that occurs due to the media coverage of any event that can show an adverse effect on the stock price of the company.
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