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Macroeconomics refers to the field of economics that studies the behavior of aggregate economy. In macroeconomics, various factors like price levels, inflation, national income, and GDP and unemployment changes.
Manufacturing index
Manufacturing index is based entirely on the surveys conducted on manufacturing firms. This index helps to monitor the production, employment, new orders, investors and the supplier deliveries.
When an investor borrows money from the broker to purchase shares, it is called as margin. This is similar to a loan taken from the brokerage to trade.
Margin trading
Margin trading occurs when a trader is allowed to buy more shares that he would normally be able to do so with the funds available in the trading account. One needs to have a margin account for the same.
Marginal deficit
The amount by which a said resource falls short of a mark is called as marginal deficit. This is mostly used for knowing the difference between the inflow and outflow of cash.
Market capitalization
Market capitalization is the company's value that is traded on the share market. This is calculated by multiplying the total number of stocks with the present share price.
Market forecast
Market forecast can be termed as an important component of stock market analysis. It helps to study the trends and characteristics of the target market.
Market lot
Market lot is the number of stocks investors purchase in a single transaction. In terms of options, market lot refers to the number of contracts that are in one derivative security.
Market risk
Market risk refers to the possible loss an investor can experience due to factors that also affect the performance of stock markets. This is also known as systematic risk and is hard to eliminate via diversification.
MTM or Mark to market is the value of accounts which can change with time. Examples of MTM are assets and liabilities. MTM provides a real appraisal of the current financial situation of a company.
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