Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "N"

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NAV is the per share value of a mutual fund or any exchange traded fund. Net Asset Value is the value of assets of an entity minus the value of the entity's liabilities.
National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) is commodity exchange in India that operates online. This is an exchange platform that enables traders to trade in commodity derivatives. NCDEX is a public limited company and was incorporated on 23rd of April in 2003 under the Companies Act of 1956.
NEFT, which stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer is the system of money transfer used in India to transfer funds from one bank to another. The banks and the branches which support NEFT transactions need to be a part of NEFT network.
Net interest income:
Net interest income or NII is the difference of the income earned by a bank through interest from its lending activities and the interest paid by the same to the depositors. Net interest income = Interest earned - Interest paid
Net worth:
Net worth of an entity is the amount by which the company's assets exceed the liabilities. This is an indication of good financial health.
Netting is a general concept used in financial markets that is used to offset the value of a number of positions or the payments that are due to get exchanged between two parties or more. This helps to determine as to which party has owned remuneration in the multiparty agreement.
New business profit:
This is a concept used to measure the profitability of a company and can be calculated by present value of the future profits that are expected by the company for a said period of time.
New fund offer (NFO):
NFO or New fund offer is the offering where investors get to purchase units from a closed end mutual fund. This offer occurs during the launch of a mutual fund and helps the firm to raise capital for securities purchase.
Niche marketing:
Niche marketing is business promotion and selling of a product or a service is dedicated to a specialized market segment.
NOC or Network operation center is also known as network management center and refers to management of network over a computer, satellite network or telecommunication from one or more locations.
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