Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "O"

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Obligation is the facility provided which allows the traders to sell the shares they have purchased in delivery before those shares get credited to traders demat account.
Obligation bond
Obligation bond is a municipal bond that is used to secure a mortgage on physical assets or properties that can be liquidated.
Obsolete inventory
Obsolete inventory is an inventory that has not seen any sales for a specified time even at the end of the product life cycle.
Occupancy certificate
This is a crucial document that shows that a building has been constructed based on the permitted plan by following local laws.
Odd lot
Odd lot is the order amount for security which is lesser than the normal trading unit for a said asset. Odd lots can have any number of shares in between 1 and 100.
Odious debt
Odious debt is the money that is borrowed by one country from a different country and is then misappropriated by the rulers of the nation. The debt of nation becomes odious debt when the funds borrowed are not used for the benefits of the nation's citizens.
Off Market
When a transaction gets settled between two parties after mutual agreement and terms without the involvement of stock exchange, it is called as off market transaction.
Offer Document
An Offer Document includes all the relevant information which is similar to a Prospectus in case of a public issue and a Letter of Offer in case of the rights issues that gets filed with ROC and Stock Exchanges.
Omnibus clause
Omnibus clause is an automobile insurance clause which allows extended coverage to those individuals whose names are not included in the insurance policy.
One sided market
One sided market is the market where the market markers need to provide a firm bid and firm ask for every security which they use to make the market. This is also known as a two way market.
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