Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "Q"

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Q Stick indicator
Q stick indicator is a numerical identifier in candle stick charting and is calculated by taking an 'n' period moving averages comprising of the difference between opening and closing prices.
Qualified acquisition cost
While a prospective owner utilizes his movable assets to purchase a house constituting penalty free withdrawals, the costs involved refer to what is known as a qualified acquisition cost. The costs include those of buying, building or re-building a home.
Qualified annuity
A qualified annuity is a kind of an investment or a financial product that not only accepts and grows funds but also brings about lucrative benefits in the form of accruing pre-tax dollars. The word 'Qualified' is given to the fund category by Internal Revenue Service or IRS to denote annuity that is qualified or eligible for tax deduction.
Qualified foreign investors
Qualified foreign investors or QFI's belong to the sub-category of foreign investors wanting to invest their capital at the Indian markets. QFI's comprise of residents, individuals, groups or associations excepting countries as stated on the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) list.
Quality of earnings
Qualitative earnings refer to real-time profits attributed to higher sales turnover or lower costs. The earnings are not artificial by deceptive accounting practices like inflating inventory costs.
Quant fund
Quant fund refers to an investment fund that relies on picking investments that are purely qualitative in nature. The fund manager adopts computer based models and uses qualitative analysis charts to pick on investments that are really doing well in the market.
Quantitative easing
The procedure wherein a governmental entity purchases shares and securities in the market to lower interest rates and to increase money supply is known as quantitative easing. This strategy is typically used to increase liquidity and promote increased lending sans printing fresh currency notes.
Quantitative trading
Quantitative trading refers to trading strategies that purely rely on mathematical computations and number crunching methods in order to identify the right kind of trading opportunities. Quantitative analysis suits transactions involving purchase and sale of hundreds and thousands of shares.
Quartile is a unique type of statistical measure wherein a set of observations are bifurcated into four defined intervals. Moving averages and data are thereby computed for the final set of observations.
Quote currency
As a matter of fact, currencies are always paired while being quoted like US/EUR, meaning US dollar Vs Euro. The first currency on the pair is known as the base currency, while the second currency on the pair is denoted as quote currency.
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