Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "R"

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Rainbow option
Rainbow option is an option wherein a single option is utilized or linked to two or more underlying assets. This move can be effected in the desired direction if the aforesaid assets show identical movements in favor of the option.
Rate Tart
In order to reduce interest rates on repayment, credit card users' transfer balances from one card to another. Rate tarts show significant balances when a special offer on the credit card, offering members with an interest close to zero percent, closes out.
Ratio spread
Ratio spread is clearly defined as an investment strategy wherein a shareholder simultaneously holds on to unequal number of short as well as long positions. A commonly used ratio comprises of two short options for every trading derivative or option purchased.
Recession is a sluggish state of economy a country is grappled with. Employment opportunities are diminished, demand for goods and services reduce while the stocks of goods remain unsold.
Recurring expenses
Recurring expenses relate to the day to day expenses of an entity. These include payment of salaries or wages to employees, utilities, rent, and other incidental expenses.
Redemption is a process by which the investor is entitled to receive the principal money plus affiliated rate of interest through sale of mutual fund investments, bonds, Fixed deposits and so on. Mutual funds can be redeemed by selling mutual fund shares.
A regulator can be an entity, corporate, bank or a Governmental agency aimed at governing the set of rules and regulations of the entity under consideration. A regulator can be a market-maker, as well.
Regulatory risk
Regulatory risk is defined as the risk involved with change of rules, laws or regulations by the Government or a legal entity. These can affect a business sector or the real-estate market.
Re-materialization is a process by which shares and securities prevalent in the de-mat form are converted into physical copies of share certificates. The nominee will have to fill in a Re-mat Request Form or RRF to get things sorted out.
Repo rate
Repo rate is defined as the rate at which the Central bank of the nation lends money to commercial banks in the eventuality of any shortfall of funds. For India, it is RBI (Reserve Bank of India) that is considered to be the Central Bank.
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