Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "S"

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Scheme Information Document
Scheme information document is a set of guidelines and rules for all open-ended schemes. This document also contains the risks associated with various mutual fund schemes.
Special Drawing Rights abbreviated as SDR refers to an international monetary reserve created in order to maintain existing reserves of member countries. These countries are affiliated to IMF (International Monetary Fund).
SEBI stands for Securities Exchange Board of India. It is a centralized authority that lays down rules and guidelines on how the stock exchanges dealing with shares and securities need to operate.
Secondary Market
Secondary market is a market that deals with buying and selling of shares and securities already owned by the Primary owners. In other words, the stocks and shares have already been subscribed by new shareholders in the primary market and they are sold.
Sector funds
These are mutual funds, stocks or closed ended funds that belong to businesses operating in a particular industry or a specific sector of the economy. For example, Oil Company shares.
Secured Premium Note or SPN
Secured Premium Notes or SPN's are financial instruments that come with limited or detachable warranties. These securities are issued only after getting a prior approval from the Central Govt.
Security Market
Security market is a domain wherein wide-spread buying and selling of shares and securities take place. The market operates based on the demand and supply position of the economy, as such.
Security Transaction Tax or STT
Security Transaction tax is a tax that is levied whenever you buy any form of share or security from the stock exchange. The proceeds go to the Central Govt.
The full form for SEK is Swedish Krona which is the official currency of Sweden.
Self-auction is a self-service kind of delivery and settlement of shares adopted by stock exchanges like BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) or NSE (National Stock Exchange).
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