Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "W"

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Wage Push Inflation
Wage push inflation is an economic syndrome by which the prices of goods and services are hiked up on account of increased wages paid to workers. Just to maintain corporate profits, the employers correspondingly increase the prices of goods and services they produce for the economy.
Wall Street
Wall Street is an 8 block long street situated at Lower Manhattan district of New York. It is the financial hub of United States of America. The New York Stock Exchange or NYSE is situated at Wall Street which involves itself in buying and selling of stocks and shares.
War risk insurance
In order to mitigate losses arising from invasion, terrorism, revolution, military coup and other varied forms of political unrest, war risk insurance policies are taken up. Property owners and auto dealers take up war risk insurance policies so that they need not compensate for war-related events.
Warrant is the exclusive right to buy or sell shares at a certain price, before the expiration or lapse period of the discounted price. He/she must buy shares at given exclusive prices before the lapse of the expiration period as stated on the warrant deed.
Wash sale
It is a wash-sale if shares and securities are sold at losses and the stock-holder receives identical shares/ securities 30 days before or after the distress sale. Losses incurred via wash-sale deals cannot be deducted as stocks or securities come with contracts to get them sold, at the earliest.
Watch list
Watch list is a list of securities that are closely watched by an exchange or a brokerage firm in order to spot irregularities.
Watered stock
A stock that is issued at a value much higher than a company's valuing assets. The stock is overvalued on account of stock dividends excessively given away to share-holders, assets that were over-valued and also due to huge proportion of operational losses.
Weak dollar
Weak dollar is a figurative value of a dollar losing its value against other foreign currencies. The dollar can lose its value against one or more foreign currencies. A US dollar gets exchanged for fewer units of foreign currency due to hiked up interest rates owing to the sluggish outlook faced by the US economy.
Wealth cycle
Wealth cycle is a step by step break-down of one's financial journey aboard. These include Transition, Accumulation, Reaping of wealth benefits, Preservation and Wealth management.
Wealth Management
Wealth management is a scientific way by which one can plan finances wisely in order to accumulate massive wealth and take care of the independent and future generations, as well. Investment planners need the right kind of guidance and counseling to plan taxes, investments, real-estate and retirement in a seamless and organized manner.
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