Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "Y"

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Yankee Bonds
Yankee Bonds are the bonds that are issued by a foreign bank or a company but are issued and traded in United States. Yankee Bonds are denominated in US dollars.
Year-end dividend
Year end dividend is the dividend that is paid to the stockholders based on the performance of the company in its previous year. It is not mandatory for companies to pay year end dividends to its stockholders even if it has performed well.
Yellow sheets
Yellow Sheets is a daily bulletin provided by National Quotation Bureau. Yellow Sheets provide the updated 'ask' and 'bid' prices for over-the-counter corporate bonds. It also provides the brokerages lists that make a market in corporate bonds.
Yield curve
Yield curve is used to study the relation between yields and maturity dates at a given time for similar kinds of bonds or treasuries.
Yield curve option-pricing models
This is also known as arbitrage-free option-pricing models. Investors can add suppositions or volatility assumptions along the yield curve using such models. Black-Derman-Toy is example for one such model.
Yield ratio
The quotient of the yields of two bonds is known as the yield ratio.
Yo-yo stock
The stock that is highly volatile and moves up and down with a pattern is known as a yo-yo stock. As these are very volatile, investment in such stocks can be risky.
YTM or Yield to Maturity is the rate of return that is paid on a bond or a fixed income security when it is bought and is held till the date of maturity. This is calculated based on market price, the coupon rate and the time to maturity.
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