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Telecomm Equipment & Infra Services
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Indus Towers Ltd
Telecomm Equipment & Infra Services
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How to buy Indus Towers shares on nse?

To buy Indus Towers shares in Motilal Oswal, you just need to open a demat account and get your KYC documents verified

What is the Indus Towers share price today?

The Indus Towers shares price on nse is Rs.418.95 today.

What is the market cap of Indus Towers shares on NSE ?

The company has a market capitalization of Rs.112904.38Cr

What is the PE & PB ratio of Indus Towers shares ?

PE is 18.7 and PB is 4.17

What is the 52 Week High and Low of Indus Towers shares?

Indus Towers stock price high: Rs.423.2 Indus Towers stock price low: Rs.157.35

What is the innovation strategy that positively affects Indus Towers stock price ?

Indus Towers, a telecommunications infrastructure company, provides tower and connected infrastructure services to mobile network operators. In order to positively impact Indus Towers' stocks, the company can potentially adopt innovative strategies that focus on improving existing services and developing new ones to meet changing needs of customers. Potential innovation strategies may involve:

  • Developing and building new towers and designs
  • Extending services
  • Adopting advanced technology
  • Collaborating with startups that are providing innovative solutions in the telecom industry

What is the investment rating of Indus Towers?

For more than two decades, CRISIL has been providing short-term ratings to commercial paper, which is a type of unsecured debt instrument that corporations issue with a short-term maturity. CRISIL Ratings has reaffirmed its ‘CRISIL AA+/Stable/CRISIL A1+’ ratings on the bank facilities and debt instruments of Indus Towers Ltd (Indus Towers) as on February 23, 2023.

What is the long term outlook for Indus Towers stocks?

Indus Towers shares have given a positive return of -36.94% for the past 1 year, and -14.16% over the past 3 years. 

While talking of the long term, any company’s stock outlook may be based on a range of factors like the ability of the company to have a competitive edge,  the performance of the company, and other important factors like market conditions in the long run, government regulations/policies and geopolitical variables.


How has the profitability of Indus Towers stocks evolved over time?

In March 2019, the net profit of Indus Towers was at 1476.6. In March 2022, the net profit had increased to 6373.1.

What is the debt-to-equity ratio of Indus Towers stocks?

The debt-to-equity ratio of Indus Towers is 0.25 (March 2022). 

What is the EBITDA margin of Indus Towers?

The EBITDA margin of Indus Towers is 0.5375 (March 2022). 

What are the potential catalysts that positively impact the stock price of Indus Towers?

Indus Towers is one of the largest and top Indian telecommunications tower companies.  There are a variety of factors that can positively affect the stock price:

  • A growing demand for telecommunications services
  • Expansion of coverage of network 
  • Improvements in operating efficiency
  • Strong and consistent financial performance
  • Positive industry trends like a rise in mobile penetration
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