Top Equity Gainers

Why Is It Important?

BSE & NSE Top Gainers:

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) & National Stock Exchange (NSE) are the biggest exchanges of India in terms of Trading Volume. Thus, it becomes very important to track the BSE & NSE Top gainers and losers for the traders and the investors. It basically shows those companies which have had highest positive and negative movements in selected period of time.

Why to track BSE & NSE Top Gainers & Losers?

The main relevance to track the BSE & NSE Top gainers and losers is that it helps the Investors & Traders for the judgment over the credibility of the stocks. Suppose if a company’s stock is amongst top gainers since last 6 months or so then it signifies good company reputation in the market and thus a good option to invest in. This can be also deduced from the fact that the stock more in demand does have more gains. Similarly, vice versa also holds true. This section of BSE & NSE Top gainers & losers gives you the facility to determine the Top gainers and losers in each of the indices for both NSE & BSE.

52 weeks High & Low.

Another parameter useful for the traders listed in the Section is 52 weeks range. Suppose a short term trader wants to capitalize over the market movements, then he can check which stock is near its 52 weeks low. Trader can then buy the stock speculating it with an increase in its value in near future. Similarly, if the stock is near to its 52 weeks high, then trader can go short over the stock with a speculation of correction in the near future.

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