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Whether you are experienced trader or investor or beginning to make investments, Motilal Oswal is one of the leading stock brokers offering the best online share trading experience across all asset classes, be it Equities, Futures & Options, Commodities, Currencies, Mutual Funds, PMS, FD’s, Bonds, and much more.

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Articles on online trading

  • Difference between the order book and the trade book

    If you have been into online trading for some time now, you may be familiar with the concept of order book and the trade book. When you operate your online trading account, you normally make it a point to check your order books and your trade books to see the status of execution. But a lot of traders and investors do not comprehensive the finer points of difference between an order book and a trade book. Let us here look at the difference between the order book and trade book and explore what this debate about trade book vs order book is all about. Let us start off by understanding what is or...

  • Are you addicted to online trading - Here are 8 important safety tips

    It is said that online trading, using your laptop or your mobile app, can be quite addictive. The reasons are not far to seek. It is simple, it is elegant and it is extremely quick. Above all, it gives tremendous power and control in your hands. That is what makes online trading very unique. However, you need to remember that online trade is done over the internet and it is done on your own. Therefore the onus to take care of safety is a lot more on you than on the broker.

  • 10 ways in which your online trading account empowers you..

    Most investors are by familiar with the merits of online trading account and applying it extensively. The most important thing about online trading is not the technology or the speed. It is that online trading puts the customer at the centre of the entire piece. It is not about the broker or the dealer or the analyst. The customer is the nucleus of the entire activity. That is where the real importance of online trading comes in. Of course, you can read up online trading account reviews and opt for your online broker. Here we tell you how the internet trading account actually empowers you?

  • Understanding the difference between order book and trade book

    If you are an online trader in equities and F&O, you will surely be familiar with terms like the order book and the trade book. To make the best of your online trading facility it is essential to understand the nuances of the order book and the trade book thoroughly. As the name suggests, the order book records the orders placed and the trade book records the actual trades executed. Let us look at the concept of order book vs trade book in online trading. We will also understand the difference between order book and trade book and look at some order book trading strategies. Here is what you n...

  • Are you aware of the add-on features of your online account..?

    So you have just about opened your online trading account and are mighty pleased about it. That is hardly surprising because online trading is a unique experience where you as a trader have tremendous control over the trading process from end to end. But, your trading account is not just about execution. It interfaces with your online bank account and your demat account. You need to understand the advantages of online banking and the features of internet banking and how they interplay with your trading account. You need to also understand which is the best internet banking facility in India, ...