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Frequently Asked Questions

Broadly, two types of accounts can be opened with us:
  1. Full Broking Account - Click to view Broking Account Demo
  2. Only Mutual Fund Account - Click to view Mutual Fund Account Demo

Any individual resident of India, HUF NRI, proprietary firm, partnership firm or company can open a Demat and Trading account with Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL)*.

There are 4 power packed ways to open a Demat and Trading account with MOSL*.

  1. Open a paperless online a/c
    1. Visit www.motilaloswal.com
    2. Click on 'Open an Account'
    3. Fill up your basic details.
    4. Click on Submit to get started with the account opening process
    5. For any queries call us on 022-40548383
  2. Want a call back from our representative
    • Simply SMS MOSL INFO to 7039005999
  3. Want our representative to visit you
    1. Visit www.motilaloswal.com
    2. Click on 'Open an Account'
    3. Fill up your basic details.
    4. Click on Send representative
  4. Walk in to any of our branches. Click here to view a list of our branches
Paperless A/c opening as the name suggests is ZERO PAPERWORK A/c opening - facilitated through Aadhaar ID
  • 100% Paperless - No physical form filling or No physical proof submission
  • Real time Account Opening - A/c opening, Fund Transfer & Activation ? everything happens on real time basis
  • Instant Trading facility - across platforms
  • Prevent Identity hacking and forging of documents - Since identification takes place all electronically through secure online connection from the UAIDAI; server hacking and forging of documents is not possible
  • Faster conversions and instant activation - A/c opening, Fund Transfer & Activation ? everything happens on real time basis; client can instantly start Share trading across platforms
It is a 12 digit unique identification number that stores demographic and biometric information of the resident with photograph issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on behalf of Government of India. Aadhaar serves as a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India. Aadhaar number is a 12 digit unique identification number which never starts with '0' and '1'. The last digit of the Aadhaar number is a check sum digit.
All Resident Individuals who have a
  • PAN
  • Valid Aadhaar ID
  • Address details
  • Online Banking Access (either through Net banking or Debit Card)
  • Active Aadhaar linked mobile number or email id for one time password verification
  • Webcam enabled laptop/desktop
Paperless A/c opening is facilitated through valid Aadhaar ID.

How to get started:

Snapshot of A/c Opening Process

  • Please provide your PAN No. for your identity verification from the PAN site
  • Fill rest of the details
  • Transfer Funds Online using Net Banking or Debit card
  • Complete your verification process - Upload required documents | Affix your E-sign | Initiate In-person verification through web camera
You require Aadhaar mapped Mobile No. or E-mail ID for One Time Password verification but for MOSL* communications you can provide a different Mobile No. or E-mail ID or both.
Visit the link https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in to can check your details mapped in Aadhaar.
You do not need to submit any physical documents but for completing KYC formalities you have to upload the following soft copies
  • PAN card (Client's photo must be visible clearly in the soft copy)
  • Preprinted Cancelled Cheque - client's name should be pre-printed on the cheque
  • Income Proof (if opted for Derivatives segment)
E-sign refers to the electronic signatures or digital signatures. An account opening form has to be authenticated and can be processed only after it has been signed by the client. In context of paperless Account opening, we fetch digital signatures of the client which is updated in Aadhaar and affix it electronically to authenticate the paperless A/c opening form. The e-sign is triggered at the time of filling the Online Account Opening form and is validated after One Time Password verification by the client.
In person verification refers to the confirmation of physical existence of the person opening account with us which is mandatory as prescribed by SEBI. Since there is no face to face interaction in paperless account opening, IPV is done by way of real time video recording of the client through web camera.
As soon as the customer completes the In-person verification process, the account shall be activated Instantly and the client can start trading, with the Client Code & Password mailed to the client.
No. Your Trading code is different from your username. The username provided to you can be used to access online account opening website. Trading Code is mailed to you separately after account opening process is complete.
Funds transfer is just an acknowledgement of your interest in opening the account. On Account activation, this ENTIRE AMOUNT would be credited to your account. What's more, you can use the ENTIRE AMOUNT for trading as well. There will be NO DEDUCTIONS AT ALL from the funds that you transfer.
We would like to assure you that our Payment Gateway for Internet Banking is absolutely safe and secure, there are more than 7 lakhs customer with us who use this facility multiple times daily to transfer funds daily for trading/investing.
Yes. There are 4 online payment schemes available. You can choose the one that suits your requirements the best.
Almost immediately, your account will be activated after you have uploaded the proof?s and completed the In-Person Verification process.
ABSOLUTELY, In case you decide not to open an account after transferring the funds to us, you ask for a refund by calling our customer service department on 022-40548000 or email to query@motilaloswal.com with your transaction number. We will be happy to return your ENTIRE MONEY.
We have tied-up with over 63 banks to make funds transfer convenient for you. You can transfer funds through any of the 63 banks mentioned in the following link: Link to 63 banks.
The payment will reflect once your account is activated.
You enter MICR code of your bank's branch in the search pane. In case you are still unable to find the branch, you can send us a scan copy of cheque to info@motilaloswal.com. We would update the MICR code and get back to you.
ABSOLUTELY, you will be required to fill a physical nomination form, provide a copy of PAN card of your nominee along with other required documents for us to consider the same. The nominee can be added after your account is opened.
Currently, co-applicant provision is not available through eKYC mode. You can open account through physical KYC account opening process.
If you are unable to open a paperless Account for some reason, you will be auto re-directed to another Account Opening process in which A/c opening form is filled online, but still physical submission of documents is required. There are other Offline touch points from where you can approach us for Account Opening:
  1. Call us on 022-40548383
  2. Simply SMS MOSL INFO to 7039005999 to receive a call back from our executive
  3. Walk in to a branch

For Any assistance required kindly contact us on

We offer customized brokerage schemes suited to your trading requirements, so the cost depends on the scheme that you choose while opening your trading account with us.
In order to use our Online Trading Platform, you will be required to have a demat account with Motilal Oswal. If you opt for our offline trading mode, you can continue using your existing demat account.
There are four ways in which you can place a trade with us:
  1. From our Desktop Trading Application - Click here to Download
  2. Login to our Online Web Trading Platform
  3. Download our Mobile Trading App:
  4. Contact our Call and Trade Desk at 022-39982600

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