Big Opportunity

India?s GDP growth is expected to outpace most large Emerging Markets; This should augur well for continued uptick in disposable income and savings because??

?historically, periods of GDP growth helped boost gross savings and financial savings levels; Also, savings rate rose faster during periods of high GDP growth

?.And difference between inflation and personal income growth impacts the ability to save; Such periods coincided with an increase in allocation towards Equities

Thus, given that only around 1% of current population invests in Equities, there is tremendous growth opportunity along-with the Savings growth. The increased number of people investing through SIPs is a case in point.Another point to ponder is that Broking Business generated revenues of 6300 odd crore FY13 and this number is 8000 crore for FY15 and growing. That shows the potential in this business for people who actively seek to participate in it. 'YOU too can grow BIG'.