Sub Broker Partner Portal

Motilal Oswal?s Business Partners? Portal is a one-of-its kind robust portal in the industry. As a Business Partner you can make use of this portal to manage your current business efficiently and grow your business effectively.

Business Overview

  • Track your AUM distribution across asset classes
  • Get your sales summary across investment products
  • Access your Business Analysis Report and weekly business snapshots
  • Reinvest your client?s money through Product Maturity Reminders
  • Know your business trend for last 6 months
  • Access our in-house research reports
  • Build strong relationships by sending Birthday e-Greetings to clients
  • Get updates of new product, technology upgrades etc.

Client Overview

  • Track your active & inactive clients
  • Know your happy customers
  • Review & restructure your client?s portfolio in just one click
  • View your client?s portfolio performance graph
  • Upload or update your client?s Non-MOSL transactions to get a holistic view
  • Track client?s holding, transaction and Profit & Loss Report for all products
  • Get a list of SIPs your clients have invested in

Key Features

Asset Wise AUM Summary & detail report

View asset wise summary with AUM amount and total AUM % Across all asset classes at a glance. You can also access the detailed report at the click of a button.

Product Maturity Reminder

Get a summarized product maturity reminder as on which date along with its updated market value. In addition, also know the clients to be given a reminder with their contact details mentioned.

Investment Product Sales Summary

View Gross & Net sales across all segments along with the redemption rate. Choose among the 3 time span options provided to view the Sales Summary you want to

Investment Product Revenue Report

On the click of a button, get access to the revenue report of the products invested in your clients scheme wise and get an overview of the transactions such as brokerage type, commission amt, payment date and so on.

Happy Customer Report

Get to know who are your satisfied customers along with their total gain and AUM. You can also view the detailed information of every client like their realized & unrealized gain and also the contact details.