Referring is Rewarding

Refer & Earn Guaranteed Rewards Per Referral*

  • 10% Lifetime Brokerage Sharing
  •  1,500 Payout
  •  1,000 Worth Gold

Limited period offer till 31st October 2018*

  • Bike

    Smart 40" LED TV

    First 15 Referrers to win on

    20 A/C Activated

  • iphone

    Singapore Trip

    First 10 Referrers to win on

    30 A/C Activated

  • bankok

    Honda Activa 5G

    First 5 Referrers to win on

    50 A/C Activated

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3 easy steps to earn rewards

  • contact Open your phone book
  • friends Give us contact of your friends you want to refer
  • earnings Start earning for yourself and your friends

Estimate YOUR Earnings

Just 5 Referrals A Month Can Give You All This!

  •  200

    • per day


    • per month


    • per year



    60 REFERRAL X FLAT  2,500




Client Testimonials

  • Jyoti Chaphekar

    Self Employed

    MOSL Client since May 2018

    Referral reward is a genuine and simple program where you get the opportunity to earn extra income by referring a person. I am benefited by this. So should you all.

  • Harsh Mittal

    Self Employed

    MOSL Client since February 2018

    I Really liked the program as it gives a regular income for a lifetime which is totally different from other referral programs. I really appreciate this...Thank you Motilal Oswal


  • Who is Referrer?
    Referrer(s) is a DIRECT client of MOSL who refers his friends or family for opening his/ her Demat / Commodity account with MOSL.
  • Who is Referee?
    Referee is an individual who has been referred for opening his/her Demat account with MOSL by the Referrer.
  • What rewards will the Referrer get?
    10% lifetime brokerage sharing (against the brokerage generated by the referee on online trades only), payout amount of Rs.1,500 flat and gold worth Rs.1,000 will be given if the Referee account is activated within 1 month of the referral given.
  • What rewards will the Referee get?
    Gold worth Rs.1,000 will be given to the referee if he has opened an account within 1 month of the referral given.