90% of traders lose money are you one of them?

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Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.
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What our FREE workshop offers you ?

  • Psychology of a professional Trader / Investor
  • Why do 90% traders lose money?
  • Why are you not making money?
  • If you?re making money, then why not in abundance?
  • How to study price?
  • Moving from ?Novice to Professional?
  • Risk Management and Rule based trading
  • Introduction to ?The 10 steps towards disciplined & professional trading/investing?

What is STIR ?

At Motilal Oswal?s School for Trading & Investing Research (STIR) we?re dedicated to train you towards becoming a professional trader through a unique methodology of Solid Knowledge, Solid Education & Solid Technology to help you make the most out of your investments
What?s unique about STIR ?
  • Industry?s finest coaches having over 10 years of market experience
  • Innovative & personalized coaching model
  • Interactive workshops
  • LIVE trading