Capital Goods: Sector Update | 21 October 2016
India Electricals
Please refer our detailed
report dated June 2016
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) order tracker
Lighting continues to be the dominant category
EESL orders at INR10.5b in 1HFY17; target to reach INR36b in FY17 and
INR63b in FY18:
EESL orders stood at INR10.5b in 1HFY17, with the lighting
segment contributing 70% of orders placed. Within lighting, LED lamps (47% of total
orders) was the largest category, followed by LED tube lights (13%) and streetlights
(10%). EESL started procurement of fans and air conditioners in FY16, which formed
miniscule proportion of overall order awards. However, we note that the share of
fans grew to INR0.76b (7% of total awards; INR96m in FY16) and of air conditioners
to INR87m in 1HFY17. For FY17, EESL has a target to procure 150m LED lamps (90m
in FY16), 2m fans, 2m streetlights, ~0.6m pumps and 50m tube lights with capex of
INR36b. This is expected to rise to INR63b in FY18, with fans, air conditioners and
pumps procurement also picking up in a meaningful manner.
LED lights – largest category in procurement (70% share):
Lamps at INR5b
(47% share v/s 37% in FY16) remains the largest procured category. Phillips has
retained its market leadership (38% share vs. 13% in FY16), primarily due to a major
tender (50m units) where it is supplying 9W LED bulbs for INR38/unit. We highlight
that no other company was willing to participate at this price and thus the entire
contract was awarded to the L1 bidder. Tube lights (20W LED) at INR1.4b (13%
share) saw procurement of 10m units at a price of INR140/unit (it sells these to end-
customers at INR200/unit). This compares favorably to retail price of INR500-
600/unit. Surya Roshni (20% share) and HQ Lamps (20% share) were the market
leaders in this category. Street lights (10% share) saw ordering worth INR1b, with
BVG India grabbing a 74% share (INR78m) for the supply of 165,000 LED streetlights
to Goa.
Fans and air conditioners account for only 8% of procurement at INR851m:
EESL has sourced 1m BEE 5-star-rated fans for INR78m (INR770/unit) in 1HFY17 vs.
0.1m fans sourced at INR960/unit in 4QFY16. These would be sold to consumers at
~INR950-1,000/unit v/s retail price of INR1,600-1,800/unit. EESL aims to procure 2m
fans in FY17. For 5-star-rated BEE air conditioners, INR87m worth of procurement
has been done, primarily for central government buildings.
Fans, air conditioners and pumps pricing unlikely to go the LED way:
EESL bulk tendering would lead to lower prices for categories such as fans, air
conditioners and agricultural pumps (on higher volumes procured and savings on
channel margins, typically at 20-30% of sales), the price decline is unlikely to be of
the same magnitude as LEDs, in our view. This is because: a) technology in these
product categories is mature and cost of production is unlikely to decline
significantly hereon (unlike LEDs) and b) warranty (4-5 years) and servicing
requirements (8-10 years of life) will ensure participation from only serious players
and weed out non-serious competition. EESL has already implemented minimum
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Motilal Oswal research is available on, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Factset and S&P Capital.
8 August 2016
Investors are advised to refer through important disclosures made at the last page of the Research Report.

Capital Goods
service center requirements in recent tenders to ensure competition is restricted to
serious players.
EESL will negatively impact prices and be margin dilutive for light electrical
Within our coverage – Havells, Voltas and Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals
(CGCEL) – the exposure to EESL is limited to ~0-7% of overall sales. However, this
share would rise as EESL increases procurement of fans, tube lights, air conditioners
and agricultural pumps. Our interactions with management indicate that players
would be judicious in bidding for EESL tenders and try to balance volumes with
profitability. However, as EESL procurement volumes rise, these companies would
be tempted to increase their share, which would negatively impact margins over the
medium term. Havells India is likely to be least impacted (16% of sales from fans and
14% from lighting) as it would like to focus on sales via its traditional channels
(distributors/retailers) and use Promptec to participate in streetlight tenders from
EESL. CGCEL could be most affected as EESL is now shifting focus to fans, agricultural
pumps and tube lights in FY17/18; these categories account for 94% of sales for
CGCEL. However, we do note that CGCEL is a small player in the agricultural pumps
market. Voltas could be impacted from FY18/19 as EESL’s procurement of air
conditioners picks up.
Valuation and view:
We maintain our
rating on Havells (TP: INR420; 33x
FY18e EPS) and Voltas (TP: INR360). We retain our target price of INR190 (32x FY18e
EPS) and our
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals.
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
EESL order award analysis for 1HFY17
Lighting remains biggest category in procurement (70% share)
EESL awarded orders worth INR10.5b in 1HFY17 (v/s INR22.5b in FY16) for LED
streetlights, LED lamps, tube lights, fans, air conditioners and miscellaneous
equipment/services. LED lamps (47% of total orders) was the largest category,
followed by tube lights (13%) and streetlights (10%). EESL began procurement of
fans and air conditioners in FY16, which formed miniscule proportion of overall
order awards then. However, we note that the share of fans has grown to
INR0.76b (7% of total awards; INR96m in FY16) and of air conditioners to
INR87m in 1HFY17.
Exhibit 1: Market share by product category in EESL tenders in 1HFY17 (INR10.5b)
Fans, 7%
Others, 22%
Streetlghts, 10%
Tubelights, 13%
Aircon, 1%
Lamps, 47%
Market share by product category in EESL tenders in FY16 (INR23.5b)
Others, 36%
Streetlights, 26%
Airconditioner, 0%
Fans, 0%
Lamps, 37%
Source: Company, MOSL
Lighting – LED lamps, streetlights and tube lights
LED lamps (9W) at INR5b (INR8.3b in FY16) was the largest category in 1HFY17.
Phillips was the market leader (38% share), followed by Compact Lamps (20%),
NTL Electronics (17%), Crompton Greaves (10%) and Wipro (7%).
The top five players accounted for 92% of the market in 1HFY17. Phillips
managed to maintain its leadership position due to a tender for 50m units of 9W
LED bulbs (INR1.9b at INR38/unit) that it won in Aug-16. This is the lowest price
ever tendered for 9W LED lamps, and since no other company was willing to
match this price, the entire order was awarded to Phillips.
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
Exhibit 2: LED lamps market share in EESL (INR5b) in 1HFY17
Surya Roshni, 2%
Wipro, 7%
HQ Lamps, 4%
Greaves, 10%
Others, 1%
Phillips, 38%
Compact Lamps,
NTL Electronics
India Ltd., 17%
Source: Company, MOSL
Exhibit 3: LED lamps market share in EESL (INR8.3b) in FY16
Fiem Industries,
Wipro, 6%
National Small
Electric, 3%
HPL Electric &
Power, 7%
Electicals, 7%
Lamps, 8%
Greaves, 11%
Source: Company, MOSL
HQ Lamps, 12%
Phillips, 13%
Osram, 8%
Surya Roshni, 11%
According to media reports, EESL procured and distributed ~90m LED lamps in
FY16, which implies that average procurement price in that year was
down from the initial INR300/unit. As we highlight below,
procurement price for EESL tenders in Aug-16 had come down to INR38/piece in
case of the order awarded to Phillips (retail price at INR350).
Exhibit 4: LED price movement over past two years in EESL and retail market
LED bulbs offer in
tender (m)
EESL price per
Source: EESL, MOSL Research
We do highlight that competitive intensity has reduced from earlier years since
there is a domestic manufacturing/assembly clause introduced by EESL to
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
ensure that complete imports from China are not supplied by manufacturers
and that the products can be replaced/serviced during the three-year warranty
period. To illustrate, Syska cannot participate in EESL tenders since its products
are completely imported from China.
Our interactions with management indicate that EESL’s aim is to converge retail
prices of LED (9W) with CFL (18/20W). Retail price is INR200-250/unit for LED
and INR80-120/unit for CFL, which implies that there is still some time to go
before their retail prices converge, and EESL is likely to remain in the market by
Exhibit 5: Retail prices of 9W LED bulbs continue to be more than double of EESL prices
Name of company
Moser Baer
Crompton Greaves
Price/unit (INR)
Source: Flipkart, MOSL
Exhibit 6: Retail price of 20W LED tube lights much higher than INR140 procured by EESL
Name of company
eco Element
Noble Spira
Crompton Greaves
Price/unit (INR)
Source: Flipkart, MOSL
Streetlights – competitive intensity lower than lamps
As seen in the case of LED lamps, LED streetlight prices have dropped from
INR137/W in Jan-14 to INR85/W currently. However, this price fall is lower than
that in case of LEDs and is reflective of lower competitive intensity in this
segment – the top 5 players accounted for ~94% of the market in 1HFY17 (65%
in FY16).
Most lighting industry players participated in the bids for streetlights. We
highlight that Havells had 5% share in 1HFY17 (13% share in streetlights orders
in FY16) but did not participate in lamp tenders – its participation in streetlights
is via Promptec (acquired last year), which operates primarily in the LED
streetlights category.
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
Exhibit 7: EESL streetlight orders in 1HFY17
Electrical, 8%
Havells, 5%
Orient Electric, 7%
Eon Electric
Limited, 2%
HPL Electric &
Power Ltd, 1%
Source: EESL
BVG India Pvt Ltd,
BVG India, a Pune-based unlisted player, won order for 165,000 LED streetlights
in Goa for USD12m (INR775m); it had the highest share in orders at 74% in
1HFY17. Other key players winning orders were Florida Electrical and Orient
Exhibit 8: Market share in streetlights with EESL in FY16 (INR6b)
Surya Roshni, 4%
Greaves, 6%
National Small
Electric, 8%
Bajaj Electricals,
HPL Electric &
Power Ltd, 10%
EON Electric, 15%
Others, 6%
Phillips, 4%
Fiem Industries,
Havells Limited,
MIC Electronics,
Source: MOSL, EESL
Tube lights – major focus area for EESL with target to procure 200m in FY17
EESL has started procurement for tube lights (20W LED) from Q1FY17, aiming to
procure 50m during the course of the year. It has been able to procure tube
lights at INR140/unit and sell those to customers at INR200/unit (incl. taxes and
other charges) v/s retail price of INR600/unit.
Exhibit 9: Retail price of 20W LED tube lights
Name of company
Eo Element
Noble Spira
Crompton Greaves
Source: Flipkart, MOSL
EESL procured 10m tube lights for INR1.38b in 1HFY17. This started from
2QFY17 with the first tender awarded at INR140/tube light. Including taxes,
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
price to customers is INR220/unit v/s retail price of INR500-600/unit. The
distribution of tube lights is expected to start from October-16.
Exhibit 10: EESL market share in tube lights (20W LED)
Surya Roshini Ltd.
Compact Lamps Pvt Ltf
Crompton Greaves
H.Q. Lamps
Source: MOSL, EESL
Exhibit 11: EESL accounting for 28% of LED market in India in CY15/FY16
LED lamps procured by EESL
Streetlights procured by EESL
LED market size in India
% of total LED market
Fans – 5-star-rated fans lead the way
EESL started procurement of BEE 5-star-rated fans in 4QFY16, which has further
picked up pace since 1QFY17. EESL has been able to procure fans at INR700-
955/unit from Usha International, which comes up to ~INR1,100-1,200/unit at
retail level for end-consumers. This compares very favorably with ~INR1,500-
1,700/unit price at which these fans are currently available at major online
Exhibit 12: Market share in EESL fan procurement in 1QFY17 (INR760m)
Orient Electric,
Marc Enterprises,
Greaves, 23%
Surya Roshni, 28%
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
Exhibit 13: Retail price of 5-star-rated fans v/s EESL procurement price of INR1,000-1,100
Name of company
Orient Smart Saver 50
Crompton HS Plus 48
Havells ES 50
Bajaj Electricals 50 Isi
Activa Aspira 5 star
Usha 5 star Technix
Crompton BEE 5 star
Air conditioners – 5-star-rated air conditioners the preferred mode
EESL also initiated procurement of air conditioners on pilot basis in FY16, with
orders being won by Voltas, Hitachi and Carrier. Hitachi with one order worth
INR9.2m had 72% market share in FY16. EESL placed orders worth INR87m in
1HFY17, with Voltas winning a bulk of this (97% share for supply of 5-star-rated
air conditioners to the central government building in New Delhi).
Exhibit 14: EESL air conditioner orders at INR87m in 1HFY17
Source: EESL, MOSL
Exhibit 15: Air conditioner market share in FY16 (INR12.8m)
Voltas, 9%
Carrier, 19%
Hitachi, 72%
Source: EESL, MOSL
In terms of pricing, Carrier has supplied 1.5-ton 5-star-rated air conditioners for
INR42,877 v/s retail price of INR45,000/unit, which is not materially different.
However, this was for the supply of only five units – as volumes of procurement
go up, prices would trend downward.
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
Pumps – aim to replace 21m inefficient agricultural pumps
EESL has recently started procurement of pumps, with the first tender being
awarded to M/S Aquasab Engineering for a contract value of INR1.38m. EESL
aims to replace 200m electric pumps with energy-efficient 5-star-rated pumps.
There are 21m electrified pumps in India, which are used for agriculture and
consume 92.33BUs energy every year (~18-20% of total electricity consumption
in India). At present, farmers get electricity either free or at very low cost (free
or INR1-1.5/unit) and thus are not interested in improving efficiency of pumps.
Average efficiency level of inefficient non-star-rated pumps is in the range of
25%-30%, while efficiency level of star-rated energy-efficient pump sets (5HP) is
40%-45%. The savings potential by mere replacement of inefficient pumps with
star-rated pumps is estimated at 20-25%.
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
Energy Efficiency Services Limited
An opportunity and a threat for light electricals industry
EESL is a government-owned company (jointly controlled by NTPC, PGCIL, PFC
and REC), which has taken the lead to reduce energy consumption by
introducing demand-side management (DSM) measures. This is primarily done
via replacement of inefficient appliances with star-rated energy-efficient ones.
Its initiatives span across:
a. LED lamps, streetlights, tube lights
b. BEE 5 star-rated fans
c. BEE 5 star-rated air conditioners
d. Energy-efficient agricultural pumps
DSM measures are part of the National Mission for Energy Efficiency
Enhancement(NMEEE) launched by the Ministry of Power with an aim to save
~INR585b, primarily via efficient electricity consumption by end-consumers. We
highlight below the targets set for replacement of lights, fans, air conditioners
and pumps by 2019/20.
Exhibit 16: Demand-side management measures
770m LED bulbs and 35m streetlights
20m agricultural pumps
**160m fans and 1.8m air conditioners
Benefit (INR b)
Source: MOP, MOSL, Company, **EESL targets 44m fans
To put this into perspective, annual market volumes for lamps (ICL plus CFL)
stand at 1,261m, while the government intends to replace all ICLs (770m annual
sales) with LEDs. According to EESL, it has already distributed ~150m LEDs and
aims to complete distribution of 770m LEDs over the next three years. Of its
target to distribute 35m streetlights, 1.14m is already distributed. It has recently
started tendering for LED tube lights, fans and air conditioners.
Exhibit 17: EESL targeted volumes vs. achievement till Aug-16
LED lamps
LED streetlights
Air conditioners
Target (m)
Met (m)
Exhibit 18: Annual volumes of key product categories in India
Lamps – ICL, CFL,(ex LED)
Tube lights
Agricultural pumps**
Air Conditioners
Volumes (m)
Source: MOSL, Industry, ** for pumps this is the installed base of electrical agri pumps
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
Fans could be most impacted; pumps to follow, in our view.
We believe the
impact on air conditioners would be the least, as even if EESL meets its target of
distributing 1.8m air conditioners over three years, this would be ~10-12% of
the annual market and may not cause a major disruption in the market.
However, in the case of fans where the target is to distribute 44m units, annual
procurement by EESL would equal to 15m units or ~30% of the annual market
size of fans in India and could cause a fall in the retail prices. For pumps,
primarily the existing inefficient pumps are targeted, which could drive
replacement demand. However, since aesthetics and features would not be a
differentiator, this would also negatively impact pumps pricing.
EESL has started procurement of LED lamps from Jan-14, when procurement
price stood at INR310/unit and retail price at INR599/unit. In its latest tender in
Aug-2016, procurement price had dropped to INR38, while retail price had
dropped to INR200-350. Similarly, in case of LED streetlights, the price has
dropped from INR137/W to INR85/W.
Exhibit 19: LED lamps price movement over past two years in EESL and retail market
LED bulbs offer in
tender (m)
EESL price per
Source: EESL, MOSL Research
EESL – an opportunity as it accelerates replacement demand and provides
new distribution channel to light electricals players
Initiatives taken by EESL to replace inefficient products (lamps, streetlights, fans,
air conditioners and pumps) would lead to higher market growth as EESL
facilitates an additional channel to reach end consumers. More importantly,
it is
tapping replacement demand rather than catering to new demand for these
products, thus accelerating growth in these segments.
The government’s drive
to replace ICLs with LEDs has led to explosive growth in LEDs, with sales growing
from INR8.5b in CY11 to INR51b in CY15. On the flip side, since LED lamps last
longer (6-7 years) than traditional ICLs (~1 year), the replacement cycle would
get prolonged.
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
Exhibit 20: Growth in lighting segment in CY14-16 driven by LEDs
Lighting market(INRm)
Exhibit 21: Sharp jump in LED sales, driven by government initiatives under EESL
LED sales(INR m)
It helps companies fill in spare capacity and achieve economies of scale in
production. This helps recover fixed costs over a larger number of units and
reduce costs which are passed on to EESL. More importantly, our discussion
with companies indicates that participating companies would provide their no-
frills model in EESL tenders while keeping premium models and features to be
sold through the traditional distributor/retailer network.
EESL – threat of lower retail prices due to increased procurement
The street is worried about the impact of lower prices on margins as EESL starts
bulk procurement of fans, air conditioners and tube lights. There are fears that a
similar price fall may be seen for these product categories, as has been
witnessed in the case of LED lamps and streetlights. We present below our
LED lamps:
The price fall in case of LED lamps has been steep, with prices
down to INR38/unit in August, ‘16 from INR300/unit as of Jan-14. However,
this has come as a result of
higher procurement volumes, with EESL
procuring ~90m lamps in FY16 itself and planning to procure another 150m
in FY17; and
a significant fall in prices of LEDs globally. We highlight that
Bajaj in its recent analyst concall mentioned that it was becoming very
selective in bids with EESL – pricing had come off substantially and it was
not profitable for them to take orders any longer. This is in contrast to FY16,
when ~60-70% of lighting sales were from EESL orders. In our view, LED
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
prices seem to have bottomed out and will likely remain at same levels or
increase as players realize that it is not profitable to supply at current prices.
BEE 5 star-rated fans:
As per the EESL website, it has been able to procure
fans at a price of INR780-955/unit from Usha International, which would
come to ~INR1,100-1,200/unit at the retail level for end consumers
(inclusive of taxes and duties). This compares to ~INR1,500-1,700/unit price
at which these fans are currently available at major online websites.
However, in case of EESL tenders, manufacturers are able to: a) save on
distributor and retailer margins (~15-20% of sales) and b) provide in bulk
and thus enjoy economies of scale in manufacturing. Since Q1FY17, EESL has
stepped up its procurement of fans, with a target to distribute 44m 5 star-
rated fans till FY19. Assuming EESL is successful in this, it would need to
distribute ~15m fans each year, which would equal to 30% of the market.
Moreover, as volumes increase, so would the likely downward pressure on
prices. In our view, given the aggressive targets for fans, this category could
be the most impacted by EESL’s procurement.
c. BEE 5 star-rated air conditioners:
We believe the impact on air conditioners
would be the least, as even if EESL meets its target of distributing 1.8m air
conditioners over three years (FY17-19), this would be ~10-12% of the
annual market and thus may not cause a major disruption in the market.
More importantly, air conditioners need regular servicing since they have an
average life of 8-10 years. This, in turn, would help weed out non-serious
players in the bidding process. Our discussion with companies indicates that
they would offer no-frills model to EESL, which would be different from the
ones sold via regular trade and thus help avoid cannibalization of sales.
has already put in place minimum service center requirements to weed
out non serious players from the fray.
d. BEE 5 star-rated pumps:
There are 21m electrified pumps in India, which are
used for agriculture and consume 92BUs of energy every year (~18-20% of
electricity consumption of India). EESL targets to replace these inefficient
pumps with 5 star-rated pumps, which are 30% more efficient. EESL
provides a robust distribution channel for light electricals companies to
distribute products across villages. In case of pumps, replacement demand
could see a boost as the targeted market is primarily existing inefficient
pumps. However, since aesthetics and features would not be a
differentiator, this would negatively impact pumps pricing.
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
Takeaways from meeting with Energy Efficiency Services Limited
We recently met with the senior management team at Energy Efficiency Services
Limited to understand the distribution plans over next three years. Key highlights
from our meeting:
Ambitious targets across lamps, fans, pumps and streetlights
EESL has a target to distribute
770m LED lamps, 35m streetlights, 44m fans,
1.8m air conditioners and 21m pumps
over the next 3 years ending FY19. EESL
works under the deemed savings model where the savings is shared with the
discoms and Urban Local Bodies
Focus is on a)Retail - LED lamps, Tube lights, Fans, Super-efficient A/C’s,
- Pumps, Streetlights, Building Efficiency
the products via e procurement
and have distribution agencies set up
kiosks for selling to customer. The distribution agency is paid on the basis of
each unit sold. An awareness agency is also appointed to create awareness of
the campaign
Building in minimum service center requirement for vendors in case of tenders
for fans, AC's to ensure product gets serviced post warranty; will reduce
Exhibit 22: EESL investment plans over next 5 years
Source: EESL, MOSL
Exhibit 23: EESL investment plans by product category
Capex/investment by product category
Residential - Lamps, Tube lights Fans, Air conditioners
Source: EESL, MOSL
LED lamps – aim to bring parity between CFL (18W) and LED (9W) pricing
150m bulbs distributed till date with 90m in FY16 and target is to do 150m in
FY17. Another 100m lamps to be sold via the traditional channel
Aim is to converge retail price of LED (9W) with CFL(18W). Retail price of LED is
INR200-350/unit while a CFL retails at INR100-120/unit. Will step out of the
market once prices converge
Have a domestic assembly clause so imports from China cannot be given by
vendors - Syska which completely imports has never participated in the EESL
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
The LED lamp programme is on in 17 states and prices are down by 85% to
INR55/unit. 87% of bulbs are bought on upfront payment while balance is
bought on EMI basis where EESL appoints collection agents
2-10 lamps are given per household, EESL works on a cost plus model where it e-
procures the bulbs, adds taxes, awareness costs, distribution costs and ROE, 2.5
year warranty is provided on the bulbs
Recent tender for 500m lamps has seen the lowest price of INR38/unit by
Phillips as L1 in this bid. However, no other manufacturer had been willing to
match this price and Phillips has got the order for the 500m units.
Tube lights – increased focus from Q117 onwards
Focusing on LED tube lights post LED lamps; procured tube lights for
INR180/unit. Will sell to
consumer for INR230/unit vs. the INR600/unit in the
retail market
Target is to sell 50m tube lights in FY17 – we highlight that the CY15 sales of
FTL’s in India stood at 245m
Streetlights – slow off take initially but now gathering pace
Under UJALA, target to replace 35m streetlight and 9b units of annual power
consumption can be saved. Already done 1.2m across 153ULB's across the
No upfront cost for the ULB; EESL takes care of installation, commissioning and
maintenance. It has a back to back contract with the manufacturer for the same
for 7 years
** Savings is calculated upfront for the no. of lights being replaced; smart app to
monitor street lights usage and also to switch them on/off from the mobile
Pumps – targeted savings of INR200b annually with replacement of 21m pumps
BEE 5 star rated pumps are given free to the farmer and the savings for the
discoms(30% more efficient) is shared with EESL
Target is to procure and distribute 1.26m pumps over 2 years for
INR57b(annual market for pumps is 3m) and eventually replace 21m electrified
pumps in the country which are inefficient
Replacement of 21m electrified pumps would save 173b unit of power and
INR200b of state subsidy which is given to farmers (30% of INR640b subsidy
given each year)
Implementation is difficult but EESL doing 3 things: a)Tie up local electrician to
promote 5 star rated pumps, b) Free maintenance for 5 years vs. current
INR2000-3000/year so the farmer saves INR15000, c)Smart app to control the
pump and EESL can also monitor usage
Fans – EESL to step up procurement in FY17; procurement price down to
INR780/unit and retail at INR1000/unit
Recently procured 1m 5 star rated fans for INR780/unit which would retail at
INR1,000/unit vs. INR1800/unit in the channel
Target is to procure 2m fans in FY17 and eventually procure 44m fans till FY19
21 October 2016

Capital Goods
Engage with the industry to procure 5 star rated fans which are not sold much
currently; eventually once acceptance from the consumers, have mandatory BEE
star rating for fans as currently rating is voluntary.
Not looking at BLDC fans - were able to procure these for INR1800/unit and final
price to consumer would be INR2300/unit vs. 5 star rated fan which is at
INR1000/unit; given only a 15W differential, going with 5 star rated fans
Air Conditioners – EESL to start procurement from FY18 onwards
in A/C procurement only from FY18 onwards
- would not want to invest
their own money but tie up with banks, credit card to offer EMI scheme to
customers, risk is higher since value per unit is much higher
Initial focus is on the institutional market - Central Public Works Department,
State PWD's, Bank ATM's
Looking to procure super-efficient inverter A/C with rating of 4.5 vs. the current
3.5; implies 30% more savings
Consumers not to be given an option
of which brand to buy
- will get only one
option at the kiosk set up for sales
21 October 2016


This document has been prepared by Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (hereinafter referred to as Most) to provide information about the company (ies) and/sector(s), if any, covered in the report and may be distributed by it and/or
Capital Goods
its affiliated company(ies). This report is for personal information of the selected recipient/s and does not construe to be any investment, legal or taxation advice to you. This research report does not constitute an offer, invitation or
inducement to invest in securities or other investments and Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (hereinafter referred as MOSt) is not soliciting any action based upon it. This report is not for public distribution and has been furnished to
you solely for your general information and should not be reproduced or redistributed to any other person in any form. This report does not constitute a personal recommendation or take into account the particular investment
objectives, financial situations, or needs of individual clients. Before acting on any advice or recommendation in this material, investors should consider whether it is suitable for their particular circumstances and, if necessary, seek
professional advice. The price and value of the investments referred to in this material and the income from them may go down as well as up, and investors may realize losses on any investments. Past performance is not a guide
for future performance, future returns are not guaranteed and a loss of original capital may occur.
MOSt and its affiliates are a full-service, integrated investment banking, investment management, brokerage and financing group. We and our affiliates have investment banking and other business relationships with a some
companies covered by our Research Department. Our research professionals may provide input into our investment banking and other business selection processes. Investors should assume that MOSt and/or its affiliates are
seeking or will seek investment banking or other business from the company or companies that are the subject of this material and that the research professionals who were involved in preparing this material may educate
investors on investments in such business . The research professionals responsible for the preparation of this document may interact with trading desk personnel, sales personnel and other parties for the purpose of gathering,
applying and interpreting information. Our research professionals are paid on twin parameters of performance & profitability of MOSt.
MOSt generally prohibits its analysts, persons reporting to analysts, and members of their households from maintaining a financial interest in the securities or derivatives of any companies that the analysts cover. Additionally,
MOSt generally prohibits its analysts and persons reporting to analysts from serving as an officer, director, or advisory board member of any companies that the analysts cover. Our salespeople, traders, and other professionals or
affiliates may provide oral or written market commentary or trading strategies to our clients that reflect opinions that are contrary to the opinions expressed herein, and our proprietary trading and investing businesses may make
investment decisions that are inconsistent with the recommendations expressed herein. In reviewing these materials, you should be aware that any or all of the foregoing among other things, may give rise to real or potential
conflicts of interest. MOSt and its affiliated company(ies), their directors and employees and their relatives may; (a) from time to time, have a long or short position in, act as principal in, and buy or sell the securities or derivatives
thereof of companies mentioned herein. (b) be engaged in any other transaction involving such securities and earn brokerage or other compensation or act as a market maker in the financial instruments of the company(ies)
discussed herein or act as an advisor or lender/borrower to such company(ies) or may have any other potential conflict of interests with respect to any recommendation and other related information and opinions.; however the
same shall have no bearing whatsoever on the specific recommendations made by the analyst(s), as the recommendations made by the analyst(s) are completely independent of the views of the affiliates of MOSt even though
there might exist an inherent conflict of interest in some of the stocks mentioned in the research report
Reports based on technical and derivative analysis center on studying charts company's price movement, outstanding positions and trading volume, as opposed to focusing on a company's fundamentals and, as such, may not
match with a report on a company's fundamental analysis. In addition MOST has different business segments / Divisions with independent research separated by Chinese walls catering to different set of customers having various
objectives, risk profiles, investment horizon, etc, and therefore may at times have different contrary views on stocks sectors and markets.
Unauthorized disclosure, use, dissemination or copying (either whole or partial) of this information, is prohibited. The person accessing this information specifically agrees to exempt MOSt or any of its affiliates or employees from,
any and all responsibility/liability arising from such misuse and agrees not to hold MOSt or any of its affiliates or employees responsible for any such misuse and further agrees to hold MOSt or any of its affiliates or employees free
and harmless from all losses, costs, damages, expenses that may be suffered by the person accessing this information due to any errors and delays. The information contained herein is based on publicly available data or other
sources believed to be reliable. Any statements contained in this report attributed to a third party represent MOSt’s interpretation of the data, information and/or opinions provided by that third party either publicly or through a
subscription service, and such use and interpretation have not been reviewed by the third party. This Report is not intended to be a complete statement or summary of the securities, markets or developments referred to in the
document. While we would endeavor to update the information herein on reasonable basis, MOSt and/or its affiliates are under no obligation to update the information. Also there may be regulatory, compliance, or other reasons
that may prevent MOSt and/or its affiliates from doing so. MOSt or any of its affiliates or employees shall not be in any way responsible and liable for any loss or damage that may arise to any person from any inadvertent error in
the information contained in this report. MOSt or any of its affiliates or employees do not provide, at any time, any express or implied warranty of any kind, regarding any matter pertaining to this report, including without limitation
the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. The recipients of this report should rely on their own investigations.
This report is intended for distribution to institutional investors. Recipients who are not institutional investors should seek advice of their independent financial advisor prior to taking any investment decision based on this report or
for any necessary explanation of its contents.
Most and it’s associates may have managed or co-managed public offering of securities, may have received compensation for investment banking or merchant banking or brokerage services, may have received any compensation
for products or services other than investment banking or merchant banking or brokerage services from the subject company in the past 12 months.
Most and it’s associates have not received any compensation or other benefits from the subject company or third party in connection with the research report.
Subject Company may have been a client of Most or its associates during twelve months preceding the date of distribution of the research report
MOSt and/or its affiliates and/or employees may have interests/positions, financial or otherwise of over 1 % at the end of the month immediately preceding the date of publication of the research in the securities mentioned in this
report. To enhance transparency, MOSt has incorporated a Disclosure of Interest Statement in this document. This should, however, not be treated as endorsement of the views expressed in the report.
Motilal Oswal Securities Limited is registered as a Research Analyst under SEBI (Research Analyst) Regulations, 2014. SEBI Reg. No. INH000000412
Pending Regulatory inspections against Motilal Oswal Securities Limited:
SEBI pursuant to a complaint from client Shri C.R. Mohanraj alleging unauthorized trading, issued a letter dated 29th April 2014 to MOSL notifying appointment of an Adjudicating Officer as per SEBI regulations to hold inquiry and
adjudge violation of SEBI Regulations; MOSL replied to the Show Cause Notice whereby SEBI granted us an opportunity of Inspection of Documents. Since all the documents requested by us were not covered we have requested
to SEBI vide our letter dated June 23, 2015 to provide pending list of documents for inspection.
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Analyst Certification
The views expressed in this research report accurately reflect the personal views of the analyst(s) about the subject securities or issues, and no part of the compensation of the research analyst(s) was, is, or will be directly or
indirectly related to the specific recommendations and views expressed by research analyst(s) in this report. The research analysts, strategists, or research associates principally responsible for preparation of MOSt research
receive compensation based upon various factors, including quality of research, investor client feedback, stock picking, competitive factors and firm revenues
Disclosure of Interest Statement
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Regional Disclosures (outside India)
This report is not directed or intended for distribution to or use by any person or entity resident in a state, country or any jurisdiction, where such distribution, publication, availability or use would be contrary to law, regulation or
which would subject MOSt & its group companies to registration or licensing requirements within such jurisdictions.
For Hong Kong:
This report is distributed in Hong Kong by Motilal Oswal capital Markets (Hong Kong) Private Limited, a licensed corporation (CE AYY-301) licensed and regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures
Commission (SFC) pursuant to the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Chapter 571 of the Laws of Hong Kong) “SFO”. As per SEBI (Research Analyst Regulations) 2014 Motilal Oswal Securities (SEBI Reg No. INH000000412)
has an agreement with Motilal Oswal capital Markets (Hong Kong) Private Limited for distribution of research report in Kong Kong. This report is intended for distribution only to “Professional Investors” as defined in Part I of
Schedule 1 to SFO. Any investment or investment activity to which this document relates is only available to professional investor and will be engaged only with professional investors.” Nothing here is an offer or solicitation of
these securities, products and services in any jurisdiction where their offer or sale is not qualified or exempt from registration. The Indian Analyst(s) who compile this report is/are not located in Hong Kong & are not conducting
Research Analysis in Hong Kong.
For U.S.
Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL) is not a registered broker - dealer under the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the"1934 act") and under applicable state laws in the United States. In addition MOSL is
not a registered investment adviser under the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (the "Advisers Act" and together with the 1934 Act, the "Acts), and under applicable state laws in the United States. Accordingly, in
the absence of specific exemption under the Acts, any brokerage and investment services provided by MOSL, including the products and services described herein are not available to or intended for U.S. persons.
This report is intended for distribution only to "Major Institutional Investors" as defined by Rule 15a-6(b)(4) of the Exchange Act and interpretations thereof by SEC (henceforth referred to as "major institutional investors"). This
document must not be acted on or relied on by persons who are not major institutional investors. Any investment or investment activity to which this document relates is only available to major institutional investors and will be
engaged in only with major institutional investors. In reliance on the exemption from registration provided by Rule 15a-6 of the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act") and interpretations thereof by
the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") in order to conduct business with Institutional Investors based in the U.S., MOSL has entered into a chaperoning agreement with a U.S. registered broker-dealer, Motilal
Oswal Securities International Private Limited. ("MOSIPL"). Any business interaction pursuant to this report will have to be executed within the provisions of this chaperoning agreement.
The Research Analysts contributing to the report may not be registered /qualified as research analyst with FINRA. Such research analyst may not be associated persons of the U.S. registered broker-dealer, MOSIPL, and
therefore, may not be subject to NASD rule 2711 and NYSE Rule 472 restrictions on communication with a subject company, public appearances and trading securities held by a research analyst account.
For Singapore
Motilal Oswal Capital Markets Singapore Pte Limited is acting as an exempt financial advisor under section 23(1)(f) of the Financial Advisers Act(FAA) read with regulation 17(1)(d) of the Financial Advisors Regulations and is a
subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Securities Limited in India. This research is distributed in Singapore by Motilal Oswal Capital Markets Singapore Pte Limited and it is only directed in Singapore to accredited investors, as defined in the
Financial Advisers Regulations and the Securities and Futures Act (Chapter 289), as amended from time to time.
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