Robust Back Office Operation & Support

In our vast stock broking and investment experience, we have realized that processes and operations are the backbone of our business. They need to be made robust in order to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency, ensure mitigation of risks, and minimize losses. We extend our robust operations support to all our partners so that they can make a transition to the next level with minimum hassle.
We understand that making a shift to Motilal Oswal from your previous Business Partners will involve a lot of risk and may result in business losses. To avoid these risks and losses, we have developed a Risk Management System which is unmatched in the market.
  • Customer-centric Risk Management System and real-time payouts Risk Lab:
    • Monitoring tool for users to get real-time updates & client margin status in a single view
  • The system consists of various automated products for risk management whereby, positions are squared up if MTM loss crosses 70% of available margin
  • Future PLUS and Margin PLUS with MTM square off facility to ensure proper management of leverage and risk Value Plus
    • Leverage feature for Intraday trade that lets you take exposure upto 20 times your margin

    Expiry Plus
    • Stoploss benefits— Sell options position with limited margin on the last day
In today's technology-driven world, it's important to use technology to run processes faster and yet provide the most intuitive interfaces possible. Our robust processes make it easier for you and your clients to begin growth journeys with us.
  • Single Login Platform to access all kinds of reports- Ledgers, Margin Reports, Shortage, DP statements, P&L statements, etc.
  • 24X7 Banking with mobile app/online portal or through CSE for Payin and Payout
  • Unique automated account opening with account opening on SCAN for immediate account activation
  • E-KYC
    • 15Mins Demat + Trading Account
    • Open 100% paperless demat & trading account in 15 minutes
Technology driven business processes may be convenient but we believe that without human intervention, the problem-solution loop remains incomplete. We have put together some dedicated teams to resolve your issues.
  • Customer Service with quick turnaround time with dedicated IVR lines to address requests and issues of our Business Partners, from 9 am to 7 pm on working days (Mon-Fri)
  • Dedicated Compliance & Legal Support for handling and resolution of Business Partner or client disputes
BizOps is a unified platform for business operations. BizOps, available in Partner Portal, empowers the partners to impart superior servicing to customers. Multiple reports can be generated at a single click. 100+ reports are merged / combined into 30+ reports, which can be downloaded in various formats, in 5 different languages (English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu)
  • No need to remember multiple login passwords— Multiple Software applications are accessible from a single window
  • Global Search— Enter keywords/name of the report and easily access requisite information
  • Ease of Access— BizOps can be accessed through all latest browsers and on all handheld devices
  • Dashboards with pictorial presentation— Summary of branch operational activities. User-friendliness with reduced navigation concerns of shifting to different segments and different applications
  • Essential links are readily available on a single click— Easy access to important sites, Client overview in a single window, Customized view of client profile
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