Comprehensive Business Development Initivaties

At Motilal Oswal, we believe it's important to begin right, and that's why we have made it a habit to help each of our Business Partners begin the partnership with all the right resources to grow the business. This is also what sets us apart from the competition. We provide everything that is required to begin your journey, learn the tricks of the trade, acquire new customers and get set on the road to big growth.
To help our Business Partners hit the ground running, we provide comprehensive on-boarding support through the following initiatives:
  • Dedicated regional language advisory and business development desk to help you with timely research, advice and business development ideas/support
  • Focused and time-bound approach to help onboard initial set of new clients or migrate from your existing setup
  • Dedicated onboarding desk of operations team for smooth transition
  • Knowledge support for better understanding of systems and processes related to Back Office Operations & Risk Management Systems
  • A well-defined process to safeguard against losses due to account migration
We believe it is important to have people with the right mind and the right heart to work with you to achieve the most optimum results. That's why we have a dedicated HR support that facilitates the following:
  • Staff Recruitment: A dedicated team to help our partners recruit their employees, with requests facilitated through an online module, and arrangement for recruitment meetings and interviews
  • Partner and Staff Training: Regular training by Motilal Oswal and Industry Professionals on soft skills, products and processes to increase the productivity of the team
  • Best Practices in Motilal Oswal Group HR: Motilal Oswal Group is consistently rated among the most preferred employer to work with. We use our experience and excellence techniques to share with our Business Partners so that they are able to build and nurture a great team which will be a catalyst for their future growth
To help our Business Partners begin the growth process, we provide extended business development support through the following:
  • Dedicated product specialists and personalized meetings of these experts with Business Partners and their end clients to not only pitch various products, but also to ensure a bigger allocation of the customer's money
  • Client acquisition support with strategy, tactics, leads, startup kit, marketing collaterals, events & seminars
  • Local marketing strategy as per Business Partner's strengths and opportunities in the market
  • Regular Business Development Workshops conducted by experts and senior management from Motilal Oswal to share insights on market trends, new products, technology, and devise strategies to adopt for further growth
  • Networking with 1000+ successful Business Partners of MOSL Learning from their best business practices, what works and what does not work
  • Exclusive Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for Business Partners and their staff to help manage customer data and customer interaction, access business information, automate sales, manage employee customer support, etc.
  • Exciting Contests for growth of various Products & Services which not only ensure push for the business but also tangible and intangible benefits for Business Partners
  • Motilal Oswal School for Trading & Investing Research (STIR) is a unique school dedicated to training people to become PROs in the stock market. Through a unique methodology of Solid Knowledge, Solid Education & Solid Technology the Business Partners, their front office team and their customers can find the right path to become a successful trader/investor. This training improves the clients affinity to the brand, helps retain them for long term as well as increases revenues
  • Regular training and knowledge building initiatives : Daily and weekly examinations for Business Partners and their front office staff to keep them updated about markets and economy thereby increasing client satisfaction
  • Branding Support : Our aggressive Branding & PR efforts help create the necessary awareness and pull factor to help our Business Partners acquire new customers. Highlights of our efforts:
    • No. 1 in Image Scores in Print Media with the highest Share of Voice in comparison to other broking brands (Source: Cirrus Media Research)
    • No. 1 in Share of Voice in Online Media (Source: Valuepitch)
    • Over 1000+ TV appearances per annum across 6 business channels with anaverage of 4.3 appearances per trading day (Source: In-House logs)
    • No. 1 amongst Offline Customers in parameters of Research, Advice, Technology, Customer Service, Trustworthiness and Brokerage (Source: Online survey amongst users)
To enable our Business Partners manage their business efficiently and effectively, we have launched UpperMOSt - an exclusive Business Intelligence Mobile App for our Business Partners. The App will let you track, review, decide and take appropriate actions based on your Business Performance.UpperMOSt has the following useful features:
  • Comprehensive Business Summary enabling you to get a quick snapshot of Total clients, Active clients, AUM, and Revenues for the day/week/month/year
  • Quick view of your Newly acquired, Inactive & Top customers with in-built call and email functionality
  • Quick client search option providing comprehensive information on all your clients right from Portfolio, Holdings, Transaction, Profit & Loss and Revenue
  • Access to Important reports like Client/Product wise Revenue Report, AUM Repot, Running SIP Report, Product Maturity reminder, Single Holding Report, etc.
  • Indian and Global Market information with one-click access to Top 3 Gainers, Top 3 Losers & Top 3 Most Active by Volume, for Equities and Commodities
In today's age, it's important to learn fast and execute even faster. From our experience of over three decades, we have accumulated enough knowledge that can help you fast-track your learning process. Our Entrepreneur Mentoring Program is a comprehensive program to help you, as an entrepreneur, take a leap to the next level.
  • Personalized coaching and guidance provided by experts in stock markets and investments
  • Collaboration on unique ideas depending on the individual expertise of the entrepreneurs, especially for start-ups
  • Management inputs to owners on technology, administration, HR, productivity, etc. by senior management and business experts
Working to get new clients is a continuous goal, but do you know that you can increase your revenues manifold if you also re-activate clients who have been inactive for a long time? That's why we have a unique, dedicated re-activation desk which helps our Business Partners generate additional revenues.
  • Specialized desk of 105+ advisors to help you reactivate your inactive clients
  • Get additional revenues from inactive as well as existing customers
There is a lot to explore beyond our usual products for a large number of people who look at alternative investment options to grow their wealth. We provide dedicated advisory support to our customers on a lot of third party products too, to help them achieve their financial goals.
  • Mutual Funds for safe investments across a variety of equity,debt and tax saving funds
  • Portfolio Management System (PMS)
    • Amongst India’s leading PMS providers, with assets under management of approx ` 5500 crore
    • Our Flagship 'Value Strategy' has outperformed the benchmark across market cycles over a 13-year period
    • Motilal Oswal PMS has active clients in 138 different cities
  • Private Equity & Real Estate Funds
    • India Business Excellence Fund (IBEF), a private equity fund forinvestments in mid-size companies with high growth potential
    • India Realty Excellence Fund (IREF) for pooled investments in residential & commercial real estate projects across India
  • Fixed Income
    • Fixed Deposits of companies
    • Non-Convertible Debentures
    • Tax Free Bonds
  • Real Estate Advisory
    • One stop solution for all Real Estate requirements of Buy/ Sell & Lease for both Residential & Commercial properties.
    • BEST BUY Price assured through our experienced advisor with exceptional customer service
  • School of Trading & Investing Research (STIR)
    • Educational courses on Trading & Investing
It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the good work done by our Business Partners. We do that sincerely and with aplomb with our Rewards & Recognition programs which is unique in the industry.
  • National & Regional awards for Best Performing partners every year
  • Induction to the MOSL 'Hall of Fame' for consistent outstanding performers
  • Regular rewards to Business Partners for achievements in various business parameters
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