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Known and loved by our Business Partners and Customers for our Solid Research & Solid Advice, we have also been awarded the 'Best Equity Broker - National', at the CNBC TV18 Financial Advisor Awards for 5 years. Our dedicated research group with over 30 analysts does the fundamental and technical analysis of the market, covering over 225+ companies across more than 20 sectors.


  • Our research teams deliver insightful research reports daily to our customers. Reports such as Market Outlook, Market Roundup, Commodities Morning/Evening, and Daily Derivatives are extremely popular amongst our customers


  • Our research teams provide highly detailed weekly research reports that act as a round-up of the market movements that happened all through a particular week. MOSt Valuation Guide & Week in a Nutshell (WIN) are some of the most prominent weekly reports.


  • Our research also focuses on certain sectors, resulting in knowledgeable reports that analyze the current situation of the sector and foresee future trends. Tele Talk Time, Auto Dashboard, and Gasoline are some examples of the many sector specific reports that we have


  • India Strategy Report is a quarterly release, directed towards the global investors investing in India. Sensex Targets, Sector Allocations and Model Portfolios are the critical ingredients of this report
  • The annual Wealth Creation Report, our most famous research report, is a work of our Joint MD and Co-founder, an equity research stalwart, Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal. Mr. Agrawal analyzes the most consistent, the fastest and the biggest value creators in the Indian equity universe every year


  • Periodic thematic reports like Corner Office, Ecoscope, etc. give insights on the happenings in organizations and on the current macro-economic trends in India


  • In-depth reports of more than 225 listed companies covered by over 30+ analysts of MOSL
We have also devised special Advisory products for equities catering to varied risk and return need profiles.


Delivery ideas offer model advisory portfolios in addition to carefully crafted strategies which cater to customers with varied risk profiles, helping customers to hold a solid portfolio at all times.
  • MOSt Pyramid: Investment strategy focused on investment in sectoral/ market leading blue chip stocks on decline, well-diversified in 3-4 sectors to ensure systematic profits while building a strong portfolio
  • MOSt Velocity: Model advisory trading portfolio suggesting investment in stocks and ETFs chosen on the basis of technical and sectoral outlook


Investment ideas are a result of intense research within the large/mid cap space and contain fundamentally good stocks which could be potential multi-baggers with a horizon of six months to a few years.
  • MOSt Value: Model investment portfolio consisting of thoroughly researched stocks from the large/ mid-cap space with a minimum 12 months horizon
  • MOSt Multicap: Dedicated Multicap portfolio containing 60% Large-cap and upto 40% in our Mid-cap portfolio The Multicap investment portfolio characteristics:
    • Portfolio requirement of INR 10 Lakhs
    • 15 companies to invest in at the maximum, 10 minimum
    • Adheres to our QGLP philosophy


Momentum Trades are trading opportunities generated keeping in mind very short term price movements and thus have a higher risk attached to them. These trades are based on short-term technical trends and stock-specific news and have a very short shelf life.


Quantitative strategies are opportunistic trades based on directional or statistical models. The holding period of these trades depends on expected performance.
  • TradeGuide Signal: An innovative trend guiding tool providing complete solutions for all trading needs with the auto-pilot execution of trading plan through the trading terminal. It generates actionable Buy/Sell signals for all asset classes- Equity, Currencies and Commodities
  • Options Writer: Instant analysis to tell you whether to write options or not
  • Options dCoder: Vital tool that helps in dynamically monitoring and managing your Options portfolio like a professional Options trader
  • Portfolio Optimizer: High speed product built in our 64-bit trading terminal which covers a wide range of features that aid the user on a real-time basis with an optimized portfolio view
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