Partner Portal : MOSL

Sub Broker Partner Portal

Motilal Oswal's Business Partner Portal is a one-of-its kind robust portal in the industry. As a Business Partner you can make use of this portal to manage your current business efficiently and grow your business effectively.

Quick Links

  • Quick Access of Monthly Business Analysis report (BAR)
  • Quick access of Daily MIS Report
  • Get information regarding your Month Wise & Year Wise Ranking with Best Business Partner details
  • View or download various Presentation/Videos regarding Technology & MOSL Products from knowledge center
  • Restructure your client's portfolio in just one click
  • Download Investment Product forms/Factsheets & much more

Today's Actionables

  • Build strong relationships by sending Birthday e-Greetings to clients
  • Get client details which are available for Risk Selling
  • Instant & important business and operational notifications for your actionable
  • Reinvest your client's money through Product Maturity Reminders

Business Snapshot

  • Day/Week/Month & Yearly snapshot of your Revenue, AUM, Sales & Clients for Broking & Investment Product
  • Now Compare your business growth with previous corresponding period
  • Quick view of your Newly acquired, Inactive, Top Broking and Top Asset customers

Online Business Snapshot

  • Improve your online business by using online business reports
  • Get MTD summary & Your Platform wise Weightage V/S National Average.
  • Track Platform Wise Client Trades, Turnover and Revenue
  • Check Mobile Actionable Insights and improve online business.

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Now get your Inactive client details and send them for reactivation process in one click
  • Get client available for reactivation report and send them directly for reactivation
  • Stay updated and track who are your most active clients and their revenue on one screen

Access to Important Reports

  • Client / Product wise AUM Report
  • Hierarchy Report to view sub broker business
  • Online Report
  • Reactivation Report
  • Revenue Report
  • New / Running SIP Report
  • Single Holding Report

Client Overview

  • Track your active & inactive clients
  • Know your happy customers
  • Review & restructure your client's portfolio in just one click
  • View your client's portfolio performance graph
  • Upload or update your client's Non-MOSL transactions to get a holistic view
  • Track client's holding, transaction and Profit & Loss Report for all products
  • Get a list of SIPs your clients have invested in

Share & View Best Business Practice

  • Now share your business growth story with other business partner. Explore your business success practice product wise and help others to improve their business.

Order Marketing Collateral online

  • Order Important Marketing collateral for growing your business. Order online and track your shipment through uppermost web.