Big Success

Pankajbhai M Vora:

Pankajbhai M Vora started his career in a small textile firm in 1966 and then started his own in same industry in 1969. In 1971, he started investing. His knowledge and advising skills made him realise the potential of broking business. In 1992 he joined Motilal Oswal and using the MOSL systems, processes, people and products, he has gone on to become one of the top remisiers. His Son Siddhartha joined him in 2007 and has successfully added products like mutual fund, IREF and PMS and built a strong AUM in the Investment products business too. Today they have a client base of over 600.

Mihir Investments:

Mihir Investments began with a small client base of 50 in September 2004 and has steadily grown its broking Business now to 300 clients with AUM of 50 crore in Direct Equity, PMS and Mutual Funds. Manoj Desai, CA by qualification since 1981 is very ably and solidly supported by Mukti Desai, MBA since a decade in this business. Strong believer in Ramdeoji's principle of "Buy Right and Sit Tight", they have used the Motilal Oswal platform, its research and products to build their business.

Savin S:

Savin S joined as a dealer in 2003 and became a business partner in 2009. He started business from the scratch and today he has a client base of more than 550 clients. From a dealer, today he boasts of a business with few dealers and sales person under him. As a business partner of Motilal Oswal, today he has managed to grow the business multifold. He is known and viewed with respect for his association with Motilal Oswal in his home town. Not only has the business and association with MOSL given him significant financial gains but has led to a lot of respect among his community.

Shailendra Singh:

Shailendra Singh joined as a remisier with Motital Oswal 3 years ago. He has used his relationships in the financial circuit which he acquired over a period to grow the business in a short span. Using the Motilal Oswal brand, products and support, he has been able to build the business in a short span of time. He has doubled his revenues in a span of 3 years adding about 200 clients. From being a employee 3 years back, he is a owner and has plans to grow this business multifold over the next few years using the Motilal Oswal platform.