High Speed Online Desktop Trading : MOSL

Trading in Stock Market via Desktop

Superfast Trading With Insight, Research, Action & Review Facilities

Key Benefits:
  • Super-fast trading execution with 1-second rate refresh
  • Advanced charting tools and tick-by-tick action watch
  • Technology enabled Leverage to enable you to get up-to 20 times your margin*
  • Solid Research based recommendations ranging from Hours-Days-Weeks-Months-Years
  • Trade guide signal - New generation trend guiding tool to auto-generate buy/sell ideas
  • Access to over 30,000 research reports across all asset classes in a single click

Key Features

High Speed Feeds, Multi-Asset Trading & Execution EVEN at Low Bandwidth

We understand that Trading is all about Timing and hence with our Desktop Application you can enjoy high speed trading in innovative products across all asset classes ranging from Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currencies, Mutual Funds, Bonds & IPO's. What's more, with features like 1 second rate refresh for feeds, shortcut keys for faster execution, instant fund transfer facility from 60+ banks, we ensure you have a faster and smarter trading experience and can trade like a Pro.

Advanced Charting Tools

Enjoy a variety of charting options with our Desktop application that provides more than 40 technical indicators in a single scrip. Also get access to a range of customizable indicators like Moving Averages, Bollinger Band, Triple Exponential Moving Average, etc. to aid you in technical analysis.

Tick-by-Tick Action Watch

Our Desktop Application alerts you when a scrip or a group of scrips are available cheaper than the spot rate which help you make instant trading decisions. It also allows you to set customized conditions that help you track the stocks along with giving real-time spread calculations of stocks.

Multi-Asset Watchlists

Keep track of your favorite stocks by creating multiple watch-lists having real time streaming quotes for Equity, Derivatives, Commodity & Currency, all of this in a single sign-on access

Solid Research

Get access to our in-depth award winning research reports across 260+ companies & 21+ sectors in a single click. Read reports that are published daily, weekly, monthly and featured reports plus get the ability to instantly look up any report based on company, sector or report name.

Advice across asset classes

Get the ability to instantly action from our range of advice available across all segments and time horizons. Make the right investment and trading decisions based on your risk profile and investment style.

Integrated Portfolio Health Check and Review Tools

Our integrated portfolio restructuring report helps you review and restructure your portfolio instantly. It gives you a smart one view of your holdings across Equity & Mutual Funds along with integrated research views on each stock. What's more it also has model portolio's and benchmark comparisons to help you make instant investment decisions.

Trade Guide Signal

Introducing Trade guide Signal, a new generation trend guiding tool to auto-generate buy/sell ideas based on pre-defined technical rules. Also get real time SMS's when Entry/Exit signal is generated to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Derivative Chain

Get quotes for derivative prices, listing for F&O strike prices along with premiums for a given expiry. Also get access to the desired Contract Option chains easy and more specific to your needs at a single click!

Quantitative Products

Option Writer

Option Writer
The new Option Writer does Instant analysis and tells you whether to write options or not, as it may be sensible not to Sell options some times. It detects the Trend & helps you in strike selection, as some times it may be wise to write Higher Call and Nearer Put or Vice versa based on the trend

Product Features

  • Option to Choose writing preferences like Call/ Put, Writing Aggression, Expiry
  • Choose the Exposure to write Option against (DP Holding, Futures, Long Options, All)
  • Want to Write without exposure? Do it by creating a Watch list
  • Mange Risk using Spreads
  • Select & Execute all the ideas that you like on a Click

Option dCoder

Option dCoder is a vital tool in management of your options portfolio. The all new Option dCoder helps in dynamically monitoring and managing Option Portfolio like Pro-Option Trader. The tool not only decodes your payoff at different price levels and volatility but also provides risk assessment and management through parameters like market volatility, delta, theta, vega, and gamma.

Product Features

  • Lets you check your PnL as on Today & on Nearest Expiry
  • Lets you alter (Add/ Reduce positions) Option Portfolio to view your desired pay-off
  • Guides you in choosing the alterations based on 4 magic numbers (Greeks dCoded)
  • Lets you Execute the final alterations at a Click
Option dCoder