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Topics Covered

  • Equity Market Outlook
    & Updates

  • Fundamental & Technical

  • Mutual Funds & Current
    Investment Scenarios

  • Basics of Currencies &
    Commodities Trading

  • Intraday & Options
    Trading Strategies

  • Products & Platforms
    for Online Investment

  • Mr. Jigar Dharamshi22 Apr, 2020

    (Technical Analyst)

    Technical overview on USDINR & cross currencies

  • Mr. Gaurang Somaiya21 Apr, 2020

    (Currency Strategist)

    Scope of options in currencies

  • Mr. Nirav Vora20 Apr, 2020

    (Research Analyst)

    Sectors to focus in current markets

  • Mr. Gaurang Somaiya19 Apr, 2020

    (Currency Strategist)

    Currencies for beginners

  • Mr. Jay Purohit19 Apr, 2020

    (Technical Analyst)

    Intraday strategy for index trading

  • Mr. Chandan Taparia18 Apr, 2020

    (Head - Derivatives Research)

    Bank nifty and its option trading

  • Mr. Amit Sajeja17 Apr, 2020

    (Senior Technical Analyst)

    A technical overview of gold and crude

  • Mr. Arpit Beriwal17 Apr, 2020

    (Technical Analyst)

    Derivatives: Sector & open interest activity

  • Mr. Navneet Damani16 Apr, 2020

    (Head Research - C&C)

    Investing in commodities for beginners

  • Ms. Sneha Poddar16 Apr, 2020

    (Fundamental Analyst)

    Understanding fundamental research products

  • Mr. Aashish Somaiyaa15 Apr, 2020

    (MD & CEO, AMC)

    Investing in turbulent times

  • Mr. Nirav Vora15 Apr, 2020

    (Research Analyst)

    Building a long term investment portfolio

  • Mr. Jay Purhit14 Apr, 2020

    (Technical Analyst)

    Understanding technical patterns

  • Mr. Siddhartha Khemka13 Apr, 2020

    (Head - Retail Research)

    Equity market strategy & quarterly update

  • Mr. Amit Sajeja13 Apr, 2020

    (Senior Technical Analyst)

    Technical on currencies

  • Mr. Santosh Shetti11 Apr, 2020

    (Head - Investment & Insurance Products)

    Foundation Of investments

  • Mr. Jay Purohit10 Apr, 2020

    (Technical Analyst)

    Technical and sectoral analysis

  • Mr. Amit Sajeja9 Apr, 2020

    (Senior Technical Analyst)

    Technicals on commodities

  • Mr. Arun Chaudhry8 Apr, 2020

    (Head - Alliances, Online Business & Product Development)

    Investing in intelligent portfolios during these challenging times

  • Mr. Navneet Damani7 Apr, 2020

    (Head Research - C&C)

    Fundamentals of commodities

  • Mr. Siddartha Khemka7 Apr, 2020

    (Head - Retail Research)

    Equity market outlook & top picks

  • Mr. Chandan Taparia6 Apr, 2020

    (Head - Derivatives Research)

    Market outlook & options strategies

  • Mr. Nirav Vora5 Apr, 2020

    (Research Analyst)

    Opportunities in current market scenario

  • Mr. Kishore Narne3 Apr, 2020

    (Head - Commodities & Currency)

    Understanding crude oil fundamentals

  • Mr. Siddhartha Khemka3 Apr, 2020

    (Head - Retail Research)

    Equity research

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