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How Life Insurance Advisors Can Grow Big with the LIC IPO Referral Program
05 Jan 2023

With the IPO of Life Insurance Corporation on the cusp of opening up to the public for subscription, retail investors are all set to invest. Although the LIC IPO is likely to bring a lot of cheer to both retail and institutional investors, life insurance advisors are seemingly feeling left out. 

Here’s where Motilal Oswal’s LIC IPO referral program comes into the picture. It is a unique opportunity that’s well-suited for individuals in the business of life insurance advisory. If you’re a life insurance advisor willing to leverage your contacts to generate additional income, this program of ours can give you a never-before opportunity. Let’s take a more in depth look.     

  • What is Motilal Oswal’s LIC IPO referral program?

The LIC IPO refer and earn program of Motilal Oswal gives an opportunity to life insurance advisors to generate additional income. The program is quite simple and requires very little effort from your side. 

As a matter of fact, all that you will need to do is introduce your extensive client base to us. Our dedicated account servicing team of experts will then take care of all of the processes involved with trading and demat account creation with Motilal Oswal, IPO investments, equity advisory, and more. 

And in exchange for every single successful trading and demat account opening through your referral, you get an incentive. Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, that’s not the end. In addition to a referral incentive, you also get a percentage of brokerage for every transaction that your referred clients make for life.   

  • What are the benefits of the LIC IPO refer and earn program?

Now that you know what the LIC IPO referral entails, let’s now take a look at the benefits that you would get to enjoy. 

1. High referral incentives for account additions 

The incentives that you get to enjoy increase with the number of accounts that get created as a result of your referral. Here’s a table that can help you understand the level of incentives that we offer as part of the LIC IPO refer and earn program.


Incentives for account creation (per account)

Upfront Incentive on A/C Opening

Rs. 200

Additional Incentives on Margin Collection

Rs. 300

As you can see from the above, the more clients that you refer to us, the more you get to take home as an incentive.  

2. Brokerage sharing for life

On every successful transaction that your referred clients make on Motilal Oswal’s trading platform, we will share with you a flat 20% of the brokerage charged by us on that transaction. The more transactions that your referred clients make, the more the incentive for you. And this brokerage sharing is not for any limited period of time, but rather will continue for life. 


Motilal Oswal’s LIC IPO referral program is a great opportunity for life insurance advisors such as yourselves to grow big. In addition to the financial incentives, you can also feel good about playing a huge part in your clients’ wealth creation journey as well.

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