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Latest Features & Updates in MO-Investor App In 2022
08 May 2023

Options Store:

  • It offers beginners a convenient environment to trade, a seamless trading experience, and a simplified user interface to start their journey of options trading.
  • There are new features that simplify the process of trading for options traders.
  • The app offers ideas based on advice from top research analysts.
  • To guide the user in making trades, the app has an array of categories like ‘Starter,’ ‘Required funds < 10k,’ ‘Max Loss < 2k,’ ‘Multileg,’ and ‘Only Sell.’
  • The user gets constant support as well as the opportunity to earn better by reducing the risks associated with options trading, thanks to the strategies curated and recommended by experts. 
  • The ‘Predict and Trade’ feature helps users time the markets and carry out trades based on recommended option strategies that carry a high probability of success. 
  • The app supports superfast trading with minimal clicks and instant order placement.
  • Users can modify trade parameters like ‘Entry,’ ‘Stop Loss,’ and ‘Target’ on a single screen, and place orders in one go.
  • In the ‘Details’ section, users can get to know the maximum profit and the maximum loss on the trade, the breakeven point, the risk-to-reward ratio as well as the margin required for a trade. 
  • Users can trade in a jiffy with ‘Mega Free Option Strategies’ curated specially for Nifty, Bank Nifty and USD-INR trades.
  • The app offers a direct display of orders/trades on the ‘Dashboard’ and helps the user easily track the gain or loss on the ‘Trades’ page. 
  • Users can understand the finer details before they trade, thanks to the tools and tips that guide them regarding the many different trade parameters. 
  • The app has a ‘Detailed Order and Trade’ section that helps the user in making the best judgment for profitable trades.
  • Messages and pop-ups prompt the user about cases of errors, such as when the markets are closed or if there are insufficient funds in their account. 
  • A 3-click exit process helps the user clear their positions quickly. 
  • The user can sort and filter their trades and check the respective gains or losses on the app.
  • The app also allows users to activate carry-forward strategies in a simple manner. 


  • The app helps users square off the positions in any of the exchanges, irrespective of the exchange in which the position is open.

New IPO Page:

  • Users can pre-apply for an IPO easily.
  • The sections for current and upcoming IPOs in the main screen help the user stay informed about the IPO calendar
  • All relevant information is displayed on the main screen, such as the research and recommendation status, information regarding the opening and closing of IPOs, the overall subscription status and the option to apply for an IPO.
  • Users can apply for IPOs and check their status at different stages, such as when the IPO is live, when they can pre-apply, when they have applied for the IPO and when the mandate is successful. 
  • The app also offers a video tutorial about how users can apply for IPOs in 3 simple steps.
  • The enhanced order form in the app has pre-filled data about the type of investor, the lot size and the price, making it easier to apply for IPOs quickly.
  • The user only has to input their UPI ID once, after which it will also be pre-filled in subsequent IPO applications. 
  • The enhanced ‘Order Book’ in the app has different status markers like ‘Applied,’ ‘Mandate Pending,’ ‘Check Allotment,’ ‘Allotted,’ ‘Not Allotted,’ and ‘Cancelled/Rejected’ to help the user track their applications. 
  • Users can reapply for IPOs on the app in case an order is canceled or rejected.
  • The app comes with a new and enhanced ‘Know More’ page that contains all the information relevant to each IPO.
  • Users can apply for an IPO from the ‘Know More’ page itself.
  • The app also offers detailed information and provides reliable support to help the user complete the IPO application through the UPI mandate process. 

Hot Stocks:

  • This section of the app displays the most searched and most traded stocks on the MO platforms.

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