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Upcoming IPOs in April 2022
03 Aug 2023

The IPO market put up a lackluster show towards the end of the financial year 2021-2022. However, as we move to a new financial year, the tide is likely to change for the better. Although many companies are in line to come out with their latest IPOs, they’re quite apprehensive to take the plunge due to tepid market sentiment. However, it only takes a single upcoming IPO 2023 to do well in the market to open the floodgates. Here’s a quick look at our IPO calendar for more information on all the upcoming IPOs in April, 2022 is likely to witness.    

Upcoming IPOs in April, 2022

Currently, there’s not much information on the various IPOs that are likely to hit the shores in April, 2022. As we move through the month, more information is likely to come to the light. Here’s a list of companies and the tentative issue sizes of their IPOs. 

Name of the company

Issue Size (Tentative)

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

Rs 53,500 crore to Rs 93,625 crore

API Holdings 

Rs. 6,250 crores

Droom Technology

Rs. 3,000 crores

Gemini Edibles and Fats 

Rs. 2,500 crores

Bajaj Energy Limited

Rs. 5,450 crores

1. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) 

Unfortunately, the LIC IPO, which is easily one of the most awaited in the country failed to see the light in March, 2022. If market experts are to be believed, the government of India is looking for the right market sentiment to prevail before going ahead with the plan of issuing the IPO. 

And the month of April, 2022 may just be the right month where we get to see the Rs 53,500 crore to Rs 93,625 crore IPO. To give you a perspective of how large the LIC IPO is likely to be, the Government of India is looking to sell more than 316 million equity shares of the company. 

2. API Holdings 

Established in the year 2019, API Holdings is a company that owns several healthcare brands including PharmEasy and Thyrocare. The company, via its upcoming IPO, is likely to raise around Rs. 6,250 crores. The entire issue size is going to be a fresh issue of shares with no OFS component to it. Although the company is currently loss making with its net loss at around Rs. 227.84 crores, the quantum of loss has gone down considerably year-on-year. 

3. Droom Technology

An online marketplace for automobiles, Droom offers the ability to purchase both new and used vehicles through its dedicated platform. The company utilizes cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to provide a top-notch solution for all things automobile. Through the IPO, Droom is looking to raise around Rs. 3,000 crores of which Rs. 1,000 crores would be from an Offer for Sale (OFS) from its promoters, whereas the remaining Rs. 2,000 crores would be through a fresh issue of shares. 

4. Gemini Edibles and Fats 

A subsidiary entity of Singapore-based Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), Gemini Edibles and Fats is involved in the business of producing and selling edible oils such as sunflower oil, rice bran oil, mustard oil, and groundnut oil, under the Freedom brand. The company also markets refined palm oil under the First Klass brand as well. The total issue size of the IPO is likely to be around Rs. 2,500 crores with the entire issue being a huge Offer for Sale (OFS) from the company’s promoters. 

5. Bajaj Energy Limited

Founded in the year 2008, Bajaj Energy Limited is a full-on subsidiary of the Bajaj Group of Companies. The company is now looking to go public by coming out with its own latest IPO. The primary business of Bajaj Energy Limited revolves around power generation and distribution. The company owns some of the largest power plants in India, making it one of the largest private-sector power producers in the entire country. Through the IPO, the company is looking to raise around Rs. 5,450 crores. 


These five upcoming IPOs wouldn’t most likely be the only ones to hit the market in the month of April, 2022. In fact, many of the IPOs that were supposed to be opened to the public in the month of March, 2022 were also postponed. Go Airlines, One Mobikwik, Keventer Agro, Snapdeal, and Utkarsh Small Finance Bank are a few of the IPOs that missed out. These public issues may also see the light in the month of April as well. 

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