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What Are Mid Cap Mutual Funds?

26 May 2023

An Overview

Midcap mutual funds invest largely in midcap firms. They have the potential to provide significant profits during market upswings. They do, however, carry some risk. Mid-cap mutual funds in India do have the potential to yield substantial long-term gains. With an investment of as little as ₹500, these funds provide a significant possibility for wealth building. Furthermore, these funds are very liquid and professionally managed. These funds are suitable for investors with a minimum investment period of 7-10 years.

What are Mid Cap Mutual Funds?

Mid-cap mutual funds are a form of equity fund in India. They must invest a minimum of 65% of their assets in mid-cap equities. Midsize stocks or mid-cap firms are those with market capitalizations ranging from 101st to 250th. Mid-cap firms have the possibility of expanding into large-cap firms. Nevertheless, there are two sides to every coin. A midcap firm is on its way to becoming a large corporation. But, on the other hand, there is the possibility of a setback.

Midcap mutual funds strive for a balance of risk and return. These funds offer more growth potential than big-size funds while being less risky than small-cap funds. Midcap mutual funds invest largely in midcap firms. Unfortunately, some of these firms that cater to developing markets are often underestimated, underresearched, and thus undervalued. To uncover viable securities for the mid-cap managed fund, the fund building's portfolio managers must do comprehensive research.

They are quite susceptible to market circumstances. They have the potential to provide large profits in a bull market. However, poor market circumstances might reduce mutual fund scheme profits. 

Benefits Of Investing In Mid-Cap Funds

Mid-cap equities mutual funds have the ability to generate considerable long-term gains. Despite the fact that they carry some risk, investing in midcap funds provides the following benefits:

Wealth creation:

A midcap firm has a high potential for growth. In other words, some firms are less well-known yet have the potential to earn substantial profits. As a result, individuals wishing to build wealth over time might consider investing in midsize mutual funds.


Mid-cap mutual funds are incredibly vague equities funds with high liquidity. These funds' investments are freely liquidated. 

Low investment amount:

They do not need huge investments. Investing may be done via SIPs or lump sums. As a result, investors may begin investing in midsize funds with as little as ₹500. Furthermore, investors may easily achieve their long-term financial objectives by beginning with modest investments in top-producing midsize funds.

Understanding Of Risk

Before investing in midcap funds, investors should understand the risks involved in mutual funds. These are market-sensitive, and although they may have the potential to make profits, they may also have negative risks. Investors who are concerned about tiny short-term market changes might consider diversifying their assets. On the other hand, investors who can remain invested in midsize funds for the long term, notwithstanding market swings, can make considerable returns.


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