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Does Motilal Oswal provide trading and investment tips

05 Jan 2023

Since 1987, Motilal Oswal has adeptly managed to keep traders invested with earnings that motivate traders to continue trading with aplomb. Access to invaluable advice from experts is what sets Motilal Oswal apart from other brokerage firms. The principle behind the approach is a ‘customer-comes-first’ strategy, and besides just opening a free demat account for clients, Motilal Oswal is about much, much more. 

  • Historical Lessons 

A good broker doesn’t just give traders a platform to conduct trades on. It enables investors to reap huge profits from trading by providing investors with knowledge it has garnered through its trading experience over several decades. Trading tips and learning the tools of the trade, so to speak, are the crux of a leading brokerage. In the last half of 2020, over fifty lakhs of traders and investors flooded the stock market. Why? Investors had aimed to create wealth or at least, establish alternative income sources. Nonetheless, as history tells us, lower than 20% of investors and traders gain profits at the close of a year. You may well ask ‘why’ again. This is because traders who are out to make a quick profit do not have the skillset and patience for the analysis of stocks before trading, a prime requirement for earning profits. Contrastingly, if you are a serious trader, you will comprehend the integral part that research plays in trading and investment. 

  • The Motilal Oswal Advantage

No one has reiterated the importance of research better than the wealthiest man on planet Earth himself, Warren Buffet. In a lecture to college students, he said, “Read five hundred pages like this every day,” pointing to a huge stack of books. He claimed that knowledge ‘builds up like compound interest’, and that makes you a proficient investor. Nonetheless, most investors don’t have the time or the inclination to study. However, quality research, when done by a brokerage firm like Motilal Oswal, yields handy hints and investment tips for its clients. You may know how to open demat account online, but after that, you have to buy and sell stocks to fill it. This is exactly what you get from Motilal Oswal, a way to take advantage of years of knowledge without having to lift a research manual yourself. 

  • Tips that Make Profits

The main feature of stock markets is that they’re complex in nature. Understanding exactly how they operate is the only way to get perks out of trading. Trading tips from Motilal Oswal take into consideration the following elements to make your earning from trades beneficial: 

- Knowledge of variables that a company’s stock price is influenced by.

- Ways to mitigate risk while trading.

- Calculating the appropriate entry and exit points. 

- Knowing how to make the most of trading in volatile markets. 

Customers First

Wealth creation of its customers is the main goal of Motilal Oswal. This is why the firm has sustained itself compared to other brokerages. The research has to be done, and because of years of experience and study, expert analysts can impart a world of information directly to clients of Motilal Oswal. 

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