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Find Client ID In Demat Account

All financial institutions, like banks, for instance, require that you open an account before you avail their services. This rings true for the stock market as well. If you want to start trading and investing in stocks, you have to create an account, a demat account, with a bank or a broker. Furthermore, in any account that you open, you get a unique ID, and this is so for a demat account as well. 

A Demat Account and a Client ID

A demat account is opened to store any stocks that you purchase in the stock market. Not only does a demat account facilitate this activity, but when you open a demat account with a bank or a broker, a trading account is opened too. This is necessary if you want to execute transactions in the stock market (essentially the purchase and sale of shares). The demat account and the trading account are connected to your bank account so that transactions can take place seamlessly online. Your demat account has another important purpose. It keeps track of all your assets and investments in one spot, and you can access these anytime just by using a unique client ID. This is similar to a customer ID that you get with a bank account. 

What is the client ID related to the demat account?

Whether you subscribe to any upcoming IPO and receive allotted shares of a company, or make other investments in securities, these are all securely held in an electronic format in your demat account. It is important to note that a demat account is opened through a broker or a bank, both of which are termed as depository participants (DPs). 

Coming back to the subject of a demat account and the client ID, the client ID you get pertaining to your demat account is a distinctive 8-digit number. This is generated via the depository participant (DP). The purpose of this is to permit the DP to easily identify the client who holds the demat account and the account in question. This unique client ID gets generated by using a special in-house formula belonging to the DP you choose (a specific bank or brokerage). The client ID isn’t, in any manner, influenced by the depositories. It is simply used to tie all their services to the particular client. The client ID is vital when you open a demat account as this number can effectively monitor your investment and track its history. 

Knowing About Demat Accounts

Once you sign up with a reliable brokerage, you get to know all about how to open a demat account and go about transacting in the stock market with a linked trading account. You can make other investments at a good brokerage, related to stocks and the stock market, like an upcoming IPO subscription. Besides the client ID which is an important element of your demat account, you should be aware of other aspects like your DP ID, and the purpose they serve. All the information and details pertaining to your demat account should be known by you and kept securely. 


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