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How can I earn money from Mobile Trading

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Mobile trading apps have taken online trading forward by leaps and bounds. More and more interested parties are flocking to this new platform with a view to making money trading online. While it may seem like an attractive prospect, switching to a new tool for trading can be confusing. With the help of the right resources and strategies, you can learn the basics of mobile trading too. If you want to be a successful mobile trader, here are a few essential things you need to keep in mind. 

1. Choose a Mobile Trading App: The first step is to scan the app store and the internet for the top trading apps. Consider what you want to trade in, app features, user interface, the brokerage firm that owns the app and other such factors. Once you have chosen an app, download it and set up your account. 

2. Learn the basics: Regardless of the platform or market, a thorough understanding of the financial instruments is crucial for making money in online trading. You can apply for courses that teach you strategies, read books on trading and make use of the research material offered by brokers. The internet has a vast library of resources that can teach you the fundamentals of trading, and you can also visit forums to learn from fellow traders. One of the most effective ways of learning is by testing the waters with a demo account, which allows you to simulate trading without the risk of losses. Demo accounts are free and available on most mobile trading apps. 

3. Develop a trading strategy and begin: After conducting a careful assessment of your risk tolerance, asset preference, funds and financial goals, you can build a trading strategy. Depending on the timeframe in which you aim to reach your goals, you can find and research a strategy with the help of an app. You can test your strategies with your demo account as well. Remember that different approaches work for different needs, so develop one that suits you well. 


Mobile trading can be exciting, challenging and also daunting. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader, patience and research are key to your trading endeavours. When you put in the effort, dedication and time, mobile trading can bring you great returns. However, remain realistic and account for risks and potential losses. The MO Trader App by Motilal Oswal integrates various segments in one place, gives real-time updates, quotes and price alerts, tracks your performance, trading reports and much more. Now that you have an introduction to mobile trading, the only thing left is to open an online trading account.

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