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How to get PAN card online?

Can you entirely apply for PAN card online without any physical involvement. The answer is “Yes”. You  can apply. In fact, you can apply for a PAN card online either via NSDL or UTITSL websites. Both have been authorised by the Income Tax Department to issue PAN cards in India. Let us see how to do the PAN Card online check and how to get PAN card online in India. The process is actually quite simple.

You can start by searching for “Apply for PAN Card Online” in Google and you will be directed to a page on the NSDL website where you can file the online application to get a new PAN card. Under Application Type select New PAN - Indian Citizen (Form 49A). If you’re a foreign national, select New PAN - Foreign Citizen (Form 49AA).


Selecting the category of your application
The following points you need to remember when selecting the category of your PAN card application:

In case the PAN Card application is for an individual, then you must select the header for “Individual”. This applies to minors and adults.

In case, this application for PAN card is for an Association of Persons (AOP) or Body of Individuals (BOI), then you have to select the appropriate option

Partnership firms and HUFs also have a PAN card. In case you are applying on behalf of the firm or the HUF, you can select the appropriate option

Firms are different from LLP (Limited Liability Partnerships) and in case you are seeking the PAN card for LLP then you need to select the LLP option separately.

In case of private limited and public limited companies registered under the Companies Act 1956 / 2013, you need to select company as the option

Once this appropriate field is selected, the next step is to select whether this is a fresh application or whether this is an application for change in details of card.


Fill in the appropriate details in the Form 49A online
Keep in mind some key points while filling the details in this form:

When it comes to names for individuals, use the proper format of First Name / Middle Name / Last Name and keep that as the standard

In case of companies and LLPs, the date of incorporation should be the date of birth. Also in the case of companies and LLPs, the name should match exactly with the name in the bank account and the name in the Certificate of incorporation.

Once these are completed and filled, you can enter the dynamic captcha code and go ahead and submit the form. That completes your second step in the PAN card application process.

How to submit documents for PAN card application?
The PAN card application process now offers you additional ways of submitting documents that are relatively simpler and quicker. Broadly, there are 3 ways you can authenticate the documents and send across to the NSDL or UTIISL for final verification and issue of PAN card..

The first method is the traditional, wherein you send the documents by post along with a signed copy of the form and the reference number affixed on the cover of the envelope for quick processing. Once the details are checked and verified and found to be satisfactory by NSDL, you are ready to get your fresh PAN card.

In case you don’t want to go through the hassles of sending the documents via post and delaying the process, you can scan self-attested copies of the relevant proofs and submit it online. However, this will not be permitted to be submitted without a digital signature of Class 2. Ensure that you digitally sign these documents with a valid Class 2 digital authentication before submitting.

Finally there is also the Aadhar authentication facility that is available to you to submit these documents. This is the simplest, but you need to ensure certain things before going ahead. Ensure that there the same mobile number that is mapped to the PAN card and the Aadhar card for easy verification. Also ensure that all the details in the Aadhar card are verified and are up to date. Once the Aadhar authentication is done and the data points picked up, you will get a one-time password (OTP) on your mobile which you can use to complete your transaction.


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