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How to Use Your Demat Account from Your Smartphone

Life has become very easy via the digital means of operation in almost every sphere of existence. For a trader or investor, life is extremely convenient as all financial functions and transactions can be seamlessly carried out online. Furthermore, as smartphones get as smart as computers (if not smarter), it's even easier to trade and invest and the priority of portability has never been more important than it is now. Along these lines, a Demat account can be opened online, through any device you have, whether it is a laptop or a smartphone. Most advanced and tech-savvy brokerages today, like Motilal Oswal, can facilitate your opening of a Demat account online conveniently. 

Using a Demat Account Online

Going online for your investing activities can mean anything from the process to open a Demat account to opening apps on your smartphone to investing in different financial instruments. Nowadays, you don’t have to own a laptop or a computer to open a Demat account online. With great connectivity, you can use the most basic smartphone to open your Demat account. How do you do this? It is easy as you can download an app of the brokerage you want to open a Demat account at. Through the app, you can get access to a host of services that include opening a Demat account, linking accounts like bank accounts and trading accounts, etc. 

Your Smartphone - Your Trading Friend

Smartphones do anything you want them to in the current age. So, why not help you trade too? If you wish to invest in the stock market, it is absolutely necessary to have a Demat account, the purpose of which is to safely hold your stocks in dematerialised (electronic) form. Most good brokerages offer you an online Demat account through which you can monitor your trading  activity and keep a track  on your investments. If you download the MO Trader app, for instance, you get to use a Demat account on your smartphone in ways that can benefit you as an investor. Here is how you can use a Demat account through your smartphone app and the features/advantages of use: 

  • By downloading the app from the App Store or GooglePlay, you can have it on your smartphone easily.
  • You can open a Demat account online on your phone itself, and upload your KYC documents through your photos app easily.
  • When you open a Demat account, you can use it easily in a secure way. The user-friendly interface that apps give you make use seamless. 
  • Along with a Demat account, you get a personal advisor for your investment needs. 
  • With just one click, you can easily trade and invest with your linked trading account. 
  • You get reports of market analysis and these can help you in your trading and investment decisions. 

Make Good Use of Smartphone Apps

To open a Demat account is easy and it is recommended if you wish to trade in stocks and other gainful securities. Apps on your smartphone can be used to invest on the go. Hence, you never miss an opportune moment to take a rewarding decision. Furthermore, apps on your smartphone work faster than those on other devices and the touch screen facilitates smooth use always. 

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