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Is a US Stock Market Correction Around the Corner

05 Jan 2023

As the pandemic is ebbing, and hopefully on its way into an endemic status, the stock markets are re-evaluating how companies are viewed with the work-from-home culture transitioning into a work-from-work culture. Of course, this culture is not new to humans, and some companies see this as bad news. Going to work, physically, means less time at home, and that translates to less appeal for companies like Netflix. In fact, in January 2022, several companies that had catered to the at-home scenario, like Peloton and Netflix, got crushed with less demand and poor performance. The U.S. stock market is seeing its position as closer to correction areas when it went down 2.7%, an all-time low, since the lockdowns in 2020 began. 

Correction is Looming Large

Aside from the fact that some companies are losing their touch because it is believed that the end of the pandemic is nearing, the lows of correction are also because the stock markets are rethinking ways to value companies catering to individuals in enforced quarantines and less socialising contexts. When the peaks of the virus suddenly strike, people are at home again and there’s growing  competition in the space of streaming networks. In January, shares of Netflix rolled down 24% and the company admitted to adding only 8.3 million subscribers in the previous quarter, falling way short of its target. Additionally, shares of Disney tumbled by 7%, and ViacomCBS also plunged into the deep end of the stock pool. 

What Experts Say

As far as U.S. stocks are concerned, experts expect a drop in the markets within a year. This drop could be over 10%. More than half of the analysts well-versed with stock behaviour expect corrections this year, maybe later than sooner. Others expect it to be within a few months. 33% believe that a correction is overdue and should have come sooner, given the highs in the stock market. The last few years saw huge numbers of individuals wanting to open a Demat account online and invest with gusto. 

Reasons for Stocks to Slip

Among those analysts who predict a correction within this year (but not right away), are Sameer Samana, Senior Global Market Strategist at Wells Fargo Investment Institute. Others view politics heavily weighing in on places where the market is going, within the year. Furthermore, the timing of the correction will have some basis in the political scene in the U.S. If the Democrats in Washington pass massive tax-and-spend bills, then this will act as a catalyst for a downturn in the U.S. stock market. 

The Next 6 Months

A pullback may be imminent in the next 6 months, according to some analysts. Historical trends show a drop in the markets around September each year, and with the way the markets are behaving, a correction may be closer than you think. For instance, the S&P 500 has gone down 3 times as much since the average of 5% since the Second World War. The consensus is that a correction will occur this year, leading to a drop of 10%.

Time to Invest

When the time of correction is near, stock prices can slide and this is the right time for you to open a Demat account online and invest. Do this quickly with Motilal Oswal, a full-stack broker that encourages you to invest with knowledge and information.

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