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Is it necessary to close demat account

Most individuals may generate money on the side by using demat or dematerialized accounts. According to SEBI, the nation has roughly 44.46 million Demat accounts. It is nothing more than an electronic account for holding shares and securities in their most basic form. With the economy improving, more individuals are eager to invest in the stock market and open Demat accounts.

Despite the enormous number of accounts, SEBI revealed that more than 75% of them are inactive. Demat accounts that aren't utilized are a huge strain, with annual fees and maintenance costs. As a consequence, to avoid any unnecessary charges, it's a good idea to conserve money and close Demat accounts online.

Closing Demat account

A request to deactivate the Demat account online may be addressed to the relevant DP if the investor's account has no pending payments or assets. The approach is somewhat different if there are any outstanding securities that need to be moved to another Demat account.

If you want to close your demat account, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Go to the website of your depository participant and get the Demat account closing form.

Step 2 - Fill out the form completely and submit it with your KYC documents. Ensure that all of the proofs are accurate. Delivering the forms and papers to the closest DPs office or mailing them to the appropriate head office is part of this procedure.

Step 3 - If the account is shared by more than one person, each must sign the closure form in the presence of a representative from their DP.

Step 4 - Verify that the account is free of shares and does not have a negative balance. Logging into your account will reveal this information.

The following actions must be performed to cancel a Demat account when shifting pending holdings or shares from one to another:

Step 1 - The NSDL and the CDSL are India's two national depositories. Intra-depository transfers will need an Intra DIS slip.

Step 2 - Next, get the original CML from the account, which includes the logo, stamp, and signatures.

Step 3 -Following that, you must provide the completed form, together with necessary information and the names of the securities you want to transfer, as well as their ISINs.

Step 4 - Submit the paperwork to your DP's office or send them to their corporate headquarters.

Wrapping Up

Though Demat accounts cannot be entirely canceled online, the process may be simplified by completing the necessary paperwork online. It's critical to double-check that the account is free of past-due charges, fines, or shares, and that all of the information is correct. To prevent any errors or lapses, the individual's data must be double-checked before transferring any shares or accounts.

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