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Is it possible to make Rs 1000 in a single day with a capital of just Rs 100 through options trading

People indulge in stock market trading with the hope of earning handsome profits. Since it provides potentially higher returns than other investment alternatives, the stock market is one of the most lucrative avenues to generate income. The majority of visitors to the stock market question, "How can I make Rs 1,000 every day through the stock exchange?" Many of them, however, fail to do so owing to a lack of skill, patience and experience.

The movement of the stock market is regulated by a number of domestic and international forces. These are, usually, events that no one can directly control. Because it is difficult to foresee the daily movement of the market, skilled traders aim to earn a set amount per month rather than trying to meet particular daily targets. Every day cannot bring trading possibilities, and if you force your hand to gain money from online trading every day, you may suffer significant losses as a result. To gain experience and confidence, you should first practice virtual trading, and if you are consistently successful there, you may then move on to live options trading.

How Can I Earn Rs 1,000 Every Day From The Stock Market?

Experts recommend engaging in options trading if you wish to make money consistently, every day. An option is a contract that gives you the right to buy or sell at a specified price before the expiry of the contract term. However, there is no obligation for you to actually do so and you can let the contract expire without taking any action, as well, if you so please. By successfully placing your call and puts based on how you envision the market to move you can make profits in return. You don’t need to own the stock in this case as it is a way to profit from fluctuations in the price of other stocks or indexes on the stock market. If you are wondering how to get Rs 1,000 per day from the stock market, read on.

  • Let Go of Your Greed and Fears - When it comes to online trading in the stock market, there are some behaviours that are considered detrimental to success. The motivations of some traders, such as greed and fear, frequently play a role in the decisions they make. If you are able to keep these psychological considerations in mind when making trading decisions, you will be in an excellent position.
  • Invest In High-Volume and HIgh-Liquidity Stocks - Always keep an eye on shares that have a high volume and are liquid. The term 'volume' refers to the number of shares that pass from one hand to the other during the course of a day. Because the position must be terminated before the trading hour expires, the likelihood of profit is dependent on the liquidity of the stock.
  • Use A Stop-Loss Order to Limit Your Loss - A stop-loss order is used to restrict an investor's loss. You can reduce your losses by using a stop-loss, so you should employ this approach frequently. If intraday traders wish to avoid significant losses, they should swear by stop losses.
  • Maintain Consistent Entry and Exit Points - In order to earn consistently through stock market trading you should realise that the answer lies in having established entry and exit points in trading. These are the stock market's two main pillars. As a trader, you must precisely recognise these points. Only once you have completed this can you consider generating a profit.


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