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Learn How to Open Equity Trading Account with Motilal Oswal

05 Jan 2023
  • What is an equity trading account?

An online equity demat cum trading account is used to buy, sell and store shares digitally. Every individual, provided they meet the criteria set by the relevant regulatory authority, can create an equity trading account. Equity trading accounts are offered by brokers or Depository Participants. While the service of providing a platform to trade and store shares is provided by a broker, the true custodian of the shares stored in your broking account is one of two government registered central depositories - the NSDL (National Securities Depositories Limited) or the CDSL (Central Depositories Securities Limited). The broking account is also linked to your savings account. Every time you make a trade or receive a dividend, the corresponding purchase amount or proceeds from the sale will reflect in your savings account.

An equity trading account is the first step in being able to trade and hold securities digitally.

  • How can you open an online equity trading account?

Depository participants, such as Motilal Oswal, offer brokerage services to investors that allow investors to set up equity trading accounts with them for a service fee and annual maintenance charges. Motilal Oswal also offers value add services that help investors make informed decisions about the securities they choose to invest in. You can do stock trading, F&Os, currencies trading, commodities trading, IPOs and invest in mutual funds using a single platform.

The entire process of opening an online equity trading account can be carried out digitally. From the KYC forms to submission of relevant identity proof and financial documents, every step of the registration process is made possible online. You do not need an intermediary or stockbroker to fill the form out for you. 

  • What do you need to do?

The process of opening and operating a trading plus demat account has been simplified for ease of use by the average retail investor. To start stock market trading today, you can register with Motilal Oswal by filling out a KYC form and submitting photo identity proof as well as financial documents such as your pan card or IT returns for verification. Once the verification process is complete, you may start trading.

  • Choose the right Depository Participant for Yourself

Depending on the type of investor you are (novice/seasoned) and the type of investments you want to make, choose the right broker for yourself. A good broker provides you with reports, news, analyses, updates, insights and other advisory services based on your profile.


Opening an equity trading account is easy. In a matter of a few minutes, you can set up an account for yourself and start trading. Make sure you keep photo ID proof and a set of your latest bank account statements or Income Tax returns handy. Most brokers also offer assistance via call or chat boxes in case you experience any difficulties, so don’t hold off on opening an online equity trading account for yourself.

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