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Strategies that Work Best with Tradetron

What Is Tradetron?

Tradetron is a cloud-based algo strategy marketplace that allows you to completely automate and construct your algo online trading strategies without writing a single line of code. It does not require any software to be downloaded because it is cloud-based. Tradetron gives you numerous opportunities to benefit from automation. Tradetron is an algo trading platform featuring different asset classes, exchangers, and currencies, as well as multiple communication ways for your convenience.

Tradetron Advantages

Let's take a look at some of Tradetron's distinctive features.

  • Wizard of Strategy Creation: It enables you to create a large variety of algorithmic trading strategies without writing a single line of code. Data streaming and software download are not required.


  • Trading Engine: Allows you to develop your own algo trading methods and fully automate them. The software gives you hundreds of keywords to specify various conditions in order to develop strategy rules. When the defined circumstances are met, special bots are assigned to take care of your tactics.


  • Engine for Backtesting: It enables you to backtest your algo trading algorithms using historical data. You may access a massive amount of historical data using the platform.


  • Social Trading: It gives you free access to hundreds of algo trading methods. You can not only subscribe to methods developed by great traders, but also modify them to fit your needs. You can choose a strategy that fits your trading style by using strong filtering tools. Real-time replication of trading methods makes it easier for new traders.


Top Automated Trading Strategies

After going through the various automated trading techniques listed below, you will have a better understanding of automated trading and will be able to create ways to make the most of this trading strategy. These tactics have been tried and tested over time, and if implemented correctly, they can likely produce some good share market profits.

  • Arbitrage Strategy - When there is a price gap between shares on different stock exchanges, arbitrage opportunities occur. Arbitrage strategy takes advantage of such arbitrage chances by allowing computers to locate the opportunity as soon as it becomes viable and execute the trade if certain conditions are met. If a stock is available at a lower price on one exchange and at a greater price on another, the input algorithm recognises the price discrepancy immediately. The programme then executes a trade to buy on the low-cost exchange and sell on the high-cost exchange. Situations like these necessitate a high level of speed and accuracy, which is frequently difficult to attain for humans but not for automated trading. The algorithm takes price feeds from both exchanges for the company's stock and converts the price in one currency to the other using FX rates. If the algorithm detects a significant price difference in both listings due to changing currency rates, a purchase order is immediately placed on the lower-priced exchange and a sell order on the higher-priced one. The trader obtains arbitrage profits after the transaction is executed.


  • Momentum and Trend-Based Strategy  - To execute trades, they follow mainstream market patterns and momentum. To produce buy or sell orders, technical indicators such as moving averages and price level fluctuations are examined. These orders are automatically executed when a specific set of criteria, as defined by the technical indicators, are met. There is no need for sophisticated projections, only clear and convenient trend following. If the desired occurrence occurs, the transaction is executed; otherwise, it is not.


  • Statistical Arbitrage Strategy - One of the short-term automated trading techniques is the statistical arbitrage strategy. It is based on trading opportunities that arise as a result of price inefficiencies or mispricing of accessible securities. This occurs in securities that are linked to or comparable to one another. Over the years, it has become clear that inefficiencies and misquoting are not going away anytime soon. They are quickly modified, and so automated trading becomes an efficient means to discover them and profit from them. In this situation, the algorithms are made up of complex mathematical models that detect price inefficiencies quickly and execute trades even before the prices are corrected. Regardless of his passion and meticulousness, a human trader may be unable to detect such changes. However, because of its predefined instructions, the algorithm can track them as soon as they occur. According to the statistical arbitrage approach, the algorithm quickly detects a drop in the price of a stock and purchases it, only to sell it later when the price has been restored, resulting in a profit.


  • Mean Reversion Strategy - The mean reversion technique is one of the automated trading strategies that is based on the basic notion that security rates may fluctuate but will eventually revert to an average or mean value after a specific point in time. It is also known as the counter-trend or reversal technique. The algorithms calculate an average price based on the security's historical data and execute a trade on the expectation that prices would return to the mean price point. This suggests that if prices are exorbitant, they will fall, and if they reach rock bottom, they will rise. This automated trading approach is useful when prices are at extremes and traders can profit from the market's volatile tendencies. However, this method may backfire if prices do not reverse as quickly as expected, and by then, the moving average has caught up with the price, resulting in a worse reward to risk ratio.


Wrapping Up

Algo trading, often known as black-box trading or automatic trading, is a way of placing a trade that uses a pre-programmed automated set of instructions. To ensure accurate, timely, and successful execution of trade orders, the correct algo trading software with smart features is required. Tradetron is a powerful cloud-based algo trading platform with unique features that rules the algorithmic trading sector.

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