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The Benefits of Trading Online with Motilal Oswal

05 Jan 2023

Motilal Oswal is optimistic about its future, specifically in the arena of online trading, as the firm’s turnover has only seen growth since 2016. In fact, in the first quarter of that year, the trading turnover online was pegged at 65%, a substantial increase in just a span of 18 months. Online trading is taking over India by storm and is only set to rise further and farther, if you go by the recent news of Motilal Oswal’s quarterly profit up to September, 2021, at Rs. 536 crores!

  • Reasons for Growth

As technology reaches a wider spectrum of advancement, more people get addicted to its use, and the convenience it offers in all realms of life. Trading is one of these realms, and now, more people dabble in stocks and shares than they have in the past. Technology is a prime reason for this. Not only can you open demat account online, but opening a free demat account is possible with reputed companies like Motilal Oswal. This is just the tiny tip of the iceberg. As you delve deeper into the world of securities, or any asset to trade in, there are easy apps with user-friendly interfaces to draw you in. 

  • Advantages of Online Trading with Motilal Oswal

Not only does Motilal Oswal offer you an app to trade with, but a regular online portal that gives you a plethora of benefits of trading online. Ajay Menon, the chief of Motilal Oswal has always stated that “the main reason for steep growth was our focus on technology to deliver a superior digital experience to our customer.” This customer-centric approach has resulted in the sprouting of more business for Motilal Oswal, even when the overall industry level of turnover has seen a lull. With over 160 staff on its team of information technology professionals, the company also has a significantly sized support team for its online trading platform. 

  • More on Motilal Oswal Benefits

The advantages of online trading with this firm don’t just end at its general customer-oriented approach. Motilal Oswal has these specific perks to offer with online trading advantages:

- You trade with one of the top-notch brokers in India.

- You can be assured of safety and reliability.

- You can have a customized client experience.

- There is a digital robotic advisory service on the online platform.

- You get fixed-package services that you can avail of.

- You get a totally paperless verification by e-KYC and your trading account is opened rapidly. 

- Motilal Oswal has a first in its app that is tailor-made for smartwatches, so traders can access the latest news of markets, get updates on open positions and check portfolios on the move, besides their corresponding net worth. 

  • Winning All the Way

The winning combination of a user-friendly interface on its trading platform and app, along with revamped benefits of trading online, give customers of Motilal Oswal a distinctive edge. The blogs and videos online also aid, giving novice and experienced traders useful hints at how to be suave while strategizing trades. 

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