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Trends Behind the Rise of Global Investment Apps

The Indian stock market has grown manifolds over the last few decades. Earlier, the investment options were only restricted to or revolved around bank deposits and government asset classes. But today, if you take a circumspect look of the financial world, you see plenty of investment avenues that are helpful for the people to thrive and prosper their wealth. 

The list of some avenues that shaped the financial world after the 90s are as follows: online stock trading, forex online trading, online mutual fund, commodity trading online, money market instruments, bonds, etc. The advancement in technology has opened the doors for state-of-the-art ventures and gave rise to numerous wealth building financial apps. These technological built apps are directly integrated with the share market. 

With the aid of these investment apps, accessing the share market today has become easy breezy. Whether people want to know the market update or share value of any company in the market or financial advice and investing suggestions from the advisors, everything can be easily accessible with a single touch on the screen. 

Investment Apps Changing The Way People Invest

These apps are reshaping the way investing works and making things effortless for the investors. Besides, these integrated apps have aided in the boom of global markets and online trading. For the last few years, the spike in stock market trading and opening new demat accounts have also increased incessantly. 

Amid the pandemic, the stock market trading witnessed a substantial rise in the number of investors. Unlike before, the investment apps have eliminated middlemen like brokers, bankers, etc. With the aid of these apps, you can directly buy shares online on any stock exchange (NSE/BSE), buy mutual funds online, do commodity trading, etc. 

Case-in-point, Motilal Oswal has designed a special investment app “MO Investor Share Trading App” for the traders to kick start their investing journey effortlessly. Through this investment app, you can directly open a demat account online and buy shares online, buy mutual funds, invest in upcoming IPO, etc.

Behind The Curtain of Investment Apps

Developing investment apps brought both the investors and markets closer to each other like never before. In addition to that, these apps reduced the cost of investment and allowed the investors the way in to reach global markets. Moreover, the number of investors participated in the share market today has spiked due to these investment apps. 

In 2017, there were around 35.6 million people using the investment apps, but the number surged to more than 150 million in 2021. Today, without the inclusion of middlemen like brokers and banks, investors can help themselves with the investment via these apps. Some of the reasons that led to the evolution of these trends behind the spike of the global investment apps are as follows:

  • Ubiquitous Access To The Global Markets: Before investment apps came into the real world, investors used to meet brokers and bankers to invest their funds in distinct avenues. Since everything was offline, there used to be a cost involved for the transactions. While the online investment apps took the world over by a storm, it not only boosted the investments in the financial space but also diversified investors’ portfolios, giving them the leeway to spread the risk among avenues. Furthermore, access to global markets is in investors' hands now.  


  • Cut Down Costs: Earlier, investors had to deal with so many middlemen. This led to a surge in overall cost of investment, leaving the profits to mince. In the current era, that’s not the case, as investment apps started to rule the markets. There’s no need to pay any charges to trade, and you’ll get to see the stock market live whenever you want.


  • User-Friendly Experience: Investing before the rise of investment apps was haywire. Today, the case is entirely different, as apps made things simple for the investors to comprehend and juggle between other apps as well.  Also, flexible payment options in multiple currencies created an overall user-friendly experience to the investors. 


  • Wide Array of Options: The apps widened the reach to new financial avenues. This has enabled investors to invest in an array of asset classes like mutual funds, stocks, gold, commodities, forex markets, etc. Plus, this gave investors the opportunity to choose and pick the investment options according to their income and risk appetite. 

Bottom Line

The fundamental thought behind the development of investment apps is to reach a wide number of investors across the world. Whether you are a student or a working employee or self-employed, you can invest in diverse asset classes via these apps without facing any turbulence. Now you can simply invest in an upcoming IPO or any asset class from these apps. To begin your investing journey, open a demat account today.

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