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What is Stock Valuation

05 Jan 2023

Stock valuation basics aim to give a value to the intrinsic potential or value of a stock. This shows you whether a business will be profitable and what its future market value is. A vital tool that aids in making informed decisions about trading, stock valuation can be thought of as a method to determine the value of the stock of a firm. Therefore, there is a need to find out exactly what stock valuation is so it can be advantageous. 

  • The Valuation of Shares

So, now you may very well ask the question, “What is stock valuation?” It is mainly a technique that values the market value of any financial instrument in an unbiased manner at a given time. The purpose of using such a tool is to foretell future prices or potential prices in the market. Hence, investors can take some calculated risks and make informed decisions when they purchase their investment instruments. Perhaps, even before you think of investing in stocks and the demat account opening process, you may want to do some stock valuations and decide what shares are worth your while. Simply put, if you know a company’s potential, you will invest in that company if you think the future outlook for that company is bright. The company may not be high on profitability at the current time, but due to its future potential, you still go ahead and invest. 

  • Two Methods of Predictability

Basically, stock valuation boils down to two ways that you can make use of the best stock valuation method suited to your requirements. These are mentioned below:

- Absolute stock valuation : This is a method that has the intention of discovering the ‘intrinsic’ value of any financial tool. What this method focuses on, are the basic strengths of any given company. This may be determined by analysing the dividends, growth rate and cash flow of a company. Depending on which variable is used to make a stock valuation, three different operations are utilized. For instance, the Dividend Discount Model computes any company’s realistic value by assessing its payout of dividends to stockholders. 

- Relative stock valuation : Relative stock valuation uses other kinds of ways to evaluate the valuation of shares. The method of making use of ratios is most commonly used here. For instance, the ‘Price per earning per share growth’ may be used quite frequently. While transacting in the stock market, these ratios aid traders to make the right choices. 

Experience the Markets

Investing in the sock market is not child’s play, but there are certainly ways to earn profits. When you trade on a platform like the one offered by one amongst the best brokers in India, Motilal Oswal, you can study different methods that take your edge in trading upwards, and gradually build your path to wealth growth. 

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