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What to do if I lose my pan card?

05 Jan 2023

What to do if you lose your PAN card? That is not really hard to fathom. After all, we do lose our credit cards so often so losing your PAN card is hardly a big deal. The big question is what should do when you lose your PAN card. Unlike the Aadhar card, the PAN card is not an online card which you can just print and laminate at any point of time. The PAN card can be issued by NSDL or by UTIISL. Here is what you need to know about your PAN card and what you must do if you lose it. Don’t lose sleep over what to do if I lost my PAN card. The process is quite simple and straight forward. You can start off with a lost PAN card application online filing on the website.


Knowing your PAN card better and why it matters

PAN Card contains a ten digit alphanumeric number (Permanent Account Number) and is issued by the Income Tax Department of India. Apart from serving as a valid document of identity proof, PAN Card is imperative while making any monetary transactions, sale and purchase, applying for Visa, and many more. Most high value transactions require you to submit a copy of your PAN card. E.g. purchase of consumer goods above a certain level and buying of jewellery entail producing a copy of your PAN card. Thus, it would be an exasperating experience for one if they lose their PAN Card or if it gets stolen. In such cases, individual can apply for a duplicate PAN either online or offline.


How to go about applying for a duplicate PAN card?
If you want to submit a request for a Duplicate PAN card, you can do so by adhere to the following steps:

In case of loss or theft of one’s PAN card, they must immediately lodge a complaint to their nearest police station and avail an acknowledgement or complaint copy of the FIR. This complaint is essential to ensure that nobody misuses your PAN card in the meantime. For example, somebody may purchase a high value item and offer you PAN card, which could then become a query on your income tax return. Lodging a complaint to the police and getting a copy of the same would ensure that the PAN Card should not be used fraudulently by anyone. Even legally, this gives you adequate protection from the repercussions of any fraud committed. It will also save you from being identified as the one responsible in case of misuse. Keep a copy of the complaint filed with you as a proof of having filed the complaint with the police station.

Once the police complaint has been lodged, you need to visit the PAN or NSDL TIN Facilitation Centre nearest to their location and request the contact person for form 49A. Most importantly, carry a copy of the first information report (FIR) that you filed with the police station and attach it with your Form 49A. You must ensure that you carry a request letter addressed to the IT Department for a new PAN card, one passport size coloured photograph of yours, identity proof, address proof, and the copy of FIR to submit along with the form. This will cover you legally in all respects.

The next step is to fill up the appropriate form. The applicant would be required to fill in the form very carefully since any mistake or wrong information will lead to the cancellation of the form. Since this request cannot be filed online, you have to visit the nearest TIN facilitation centre to submit the form. Then you have to paste the passport size photo of yourself in the top right-hand corner of the form and sign the photo. Ensure that you sign across the photograph with the half the signature on the page and the other half on top of the photograph.

After filling the application and letting the official verify all the details, one has to attach a DD or Cheque for the payment along with afore-mentioned documents and submit it to the PAN/NSDL office. Your broker or your CA can also help you with the process. One must super-scribe the envelope with the words, “Application for PAN change request” on top of the envelope. Alternatively, the applicant can also send it to the PAN head-office address (mentioned below) by post to NSDL Pune.

Once these formalities, NSDL or UTIISL will take cognizance of your new application form and also your FIR copy and issue a new PAN card to your registered address.

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