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How to Check the IPO Allotment Status
14 Jul 2023

Investing in an IPO does not guarantee that the shares of the company would get allotted to you. There are many factors that decide whether you get to receive the shares of a company that you applied for. Some of them include the price at which you bid for the shares and whether or not the public issue is undersubscribed or oversubscribed. That said, there are ways to find out whether the shares that you’ve applied for have been allotted to you or not. Continue reading to find out how you can check the IPO allotment status. Stay updated on the latest Upcoming IPOs 2023!

How to check the IPO allotment status?

Every company that wishes to issue its shares to the public via an Initial Public Offering appoints a registrar and share transfer agent. The registrar is the entity that’s primarily responsible for the allotment of shares to the investors. 

This effectively means that you can quickly check the IPO allotment status to determine whether you’ve been allotted any shares that you applied for by visiting the website of the registrar and share transfer agent of the IPO. 

Here’s a quick look at the process that you would have to follow to conduct a quick IPO allotment status check. 

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of the registrar and share the transfer agent of the IPO that you subscribed for.
  2. Navigate to the IPO allotment status section of the registrar’s website. 
  3. Once you’re at the relevant webpage, you might be presented with a selection of servers or links. 
  4. Click on any of the server links presented. You will be taken to a new webpage where you can check the IPO allotment status. 
  5. Here, select the public issue that you applied for from the dropdown box. 
  6. Next, choose the method through which you would like to check the IPO allotment status. Depending on the registrar and share transfer agent, you get three different options - using the IPO application number, using your demat account number, using your PAN. 
  7. Specify the relevant number in the field provided in the webpage.
  8. And finally, enter the captcha code as provided and click on submit. 
  9. The website should give you information on whether you were allotted any shares or not. 

What happens if you’ve been allotted shares? 

If you find out that you’ve been allotted shares of the company whose public issue you’ve subscribed for, the next step that you need to do is log into your Demat account to check if the shares have been credited. Now, keep in mind that there might be a slight delay when it comes to the allotment. 

If you find that the shares have not been credited to your Demat account even after the date of credit of allotted shares, it is advisable to get in touch with the registrar and share transfer agent of the IPO. 


Alternatively, if you find out that you haven’t been allotted any shares in the company, the amount that was blocked at the time of application will be released back to you. 

With this you must now know how to check the IPO allotment status. The next time you apply for an upcoming IPO, follow the steps outlined above to quickly check whether you’ve been allotted any shares or not.  

That said, to be eligible to invest in an upcoming IPO, it is crucial to first have a demat account in your name. So, make your way to the website of Motilal Oswal to open a demat account for free within just a few minutes. 


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