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Step Up SIP Calculator: Estimate SIP Returns with an Annual Increase

21 Jun 2023

A SIP, or a systematic investment plan represents an effective method to invest in mutual fund schemes with the advantage of saving tax. With a SIP, investors are able to invest small amounts of capital at regular intervals. These intervals could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on investors’ financial conditions and the amount of income available. There is also a way to increase any SIP instalments, say, if your income increases, and opt for a step-up SIP. A step-up SIP calculator helps you to gauge returns with new amounts invested. 

Topping Up a SIP

The beauty of a SIP investment is that you can effectively top up your SIP on a yearly (or any periodic) basis with specific increased amounts. For instance, you may have started a SIP in 2014, with Rs. 5,000, but wished to top it up by 15% in 2015, and so on and so forth. You can start your SIP with a certain amount, and choose to top it up with projected increases considered in advance. For this purpose, a SIP calculator with step-up facilities for calculation helps you to plan your present investment along with top ups to be made in the future. In this way, investors can have a clue of their investment in order to meet their financial goals in a predetermined time frame. SIPs are good ways to invest your wealth, and grow it, and you do not need to open a demat account to start a SIP.

How does a Step-up SIP calculator help?

Permitting you to make modest amounts of deposits, you can start SIP online and invest in mutual funds to build your wealth. This is the most efficient way to grow your money when you don’t have lump sums to invest and wish to save and invest regularly with small instalments.  A web-based application, a step-up SIP calculator can assist you in your estimation of returns according to your SIP investment. You can determine how much your capital will rise if you currently start investing. 

The step-up SIP calculator is a tool that lets you know how much your wealth will grow over time. Furthermore, investors are able to initially identify if certain SIPs are the appropriate ones to invest in. The calculator gives instant calculations, and informed decisions can be made quickly. 

How does it work?

A SIP calculator with step-up functions calculates the potential worth of any of your investments in a SIP in terms of a percentage. In case you wish to raise your SIP investment by a specific percentage, you can get to know how much your investment will potentially be worth in the future, in a certain period. Once the required data is entered into the calculator, the final amount of your investment yield can be generated quite effortlessly. 

The Basics of Use

A step-up SIP calculator can be used easily in the steps mentioned below:

  1. Enter the contribution to the fund (monthly).
  2. Enter the tenure you wish to invest for.
  3. In the “interest” field, enter the interest your SIP may earn. 
  4. Click on the “Calculate” or “Submit” button to know your SIP returns. 

Step Up Your Game

Investing is far easier these days than it was in the past. To invest in productive investments like a SIP, you don't even need to open a demat account. You can easily start a SIP online and use a step-up SIP calculator to estimate your future returns. Portfolio diversification should be your main aim of investment and you can consider an upcoming IPO for the same along with a SIP. 

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