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SIP Calculator

Add more to your wealth with SIP Investments

SIP brings more discipline to your investment strategy
SIP helps you keep your portfolio well balanced
SIP helps you to grab the benefits of compounding

Use the SIP calculator below to know how the power of compounding works for your investments over a period of time


        After 4 years, you will have


        Your Monthly SIP Amount will be 0
        generating a total profit of 10000

        • Total Investment 0.00%
        • Profit Earned 100.00%

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        SIP Calculator FAQs

        1. How much can one invest in SIP?

        The minimum amount that you can invest in SIP is Rs 500/-, but there is no upper-limit to your investments.

        2. What is the maximum tenure of SIP?

        There is no maximum tenure on SIP investments. You can invest for as long as you wish to invest. Although, the minimum tenure of investment is 3 years.

        3. Is SIP as same as Mutual Funds?

        SIP investment can be done in Mutual Funds. SIP is not an investment, but an investment type. It is an investment channel through which you invest in a fund/scheme of your choice in regular intervals.

        4. What are the benefits of investing through SIP?

        Investing through SIP has many benefits such as:

        • 1. You can invest in any fund, an amount of your choice.
        • 2. You can renew or close your SIP anytime, online.
        • 3. You can pause your SIPs anytime, online.
        • 4. You can modify or alter the amount of investment anytime, online.