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Recurring Deposit Calculator

Grow your investments, one-step at a time

Allows you to save money on a regular basis
Minimum deposits at better rate of returns
Flexible tenure for your investments

Use the RD calculator below to know about the compound interest earned on your principal investment for your desired tenure.

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        Best for Short Term Goals
        Best for Short Term Goals

        RDs secure your investments for you to achieve your desired short-term goals

        Simple Financial Product

        No complexities, no hassle, no fuss. A simple-easy product to go with.

        Anytime Withdrawal

        Want some emergency funds? Your RDs can prove to be useful investments!


        Recurring Deposit Calculator FAQs

        1. What is a Recurring Deposit Calculator?

        Recurring Deposit Calculator by Motilal Oswal is an online tool to help individuals take a note of their savings and the interest that will be earned on it if saved in recurring period for 'n' number of years.

        2. What is the minimum amount to start an RD?

        There is no minimum amount to start an RD. You can start with as low as Rs 500 per month for a designated period of time convenient to you.

        3. Is TDS applicable on RD?

        Effective from June 1, 2015; TDS has been made mandatory for all recurring deposits. The TDS would be applicable only on the interest acquired on the deposit.

        4. Can I withdraw my RD amount prematurely?

        Yes, RDs can be withdrawn prematurely. Interest shall be paid until the day of closing. However, depending on your financial institution, there wil be certain penalty or exit fee applicable.