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As Franchisee and get benefits like
Dedicated desk to assist account opening, reactivate inactive clients & manage HNI clients
Conducting regular training program for you and your staff members
Smooth migration support for your current customers
Mentorship from Senior Management
Comprehensive business development support from channel experts
Access to ultra modern technology

Setup your Franchisee with Motilal Oswal
Setup your Franchisee

Here's how you can setup your franchisee
Features & Benefits of setting up franchisee
Strong business development support
Training program for your staff
Migration support for your current customers
Robust Back-Office & ease of managing Operations
Mentorship from Senior Management

Unlock The
Potential Of Growth
Multi-product offerings for your clients

Invest in company shares to potentially benefit from growth and dividends, offering a stake in the success of well-established businesses.
Mutual Funds
Diversify your investments easily by pooling your money with others, managed by professionals to maximize potential returns.
Explore unique investment opportunities beyond traditional assets, potentially yielding higher returns for savvy investors.
Trade in tangible assets like gold, oil, or agricultural products, adding diversity to your investment portfolio.
Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
Let experts handle your investments, tailoring strategies to meet your financial objectives and risk tolerance.
Safeguard your future with financial protection against unforeseen events, providing peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones.
Trade in different currencies, capitalizing on foreign exchange markets to take advantage of global economic trends.
Intelligent Advisory Portfolio (IAP)
A diverse array of pre-packaged equity products is designed for traders and investors who seek market involvement but lack the time to actively manage their portfolios.
Invest in debt securities issued by governments or corporations, offering stable returns and a reliable income source for conservative investors.
139+ million people have not yet invested in stocks
Following increase has been seen
Number of demat accounts
Retail Avg. daily turnover
NSE Active Clients
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